Twig iPhone cable doubles as a tripod


August 10, 2012

The versatile Twig iPhone cable is set for release after a successful Kickstarter campaign

The versatile Twig iPhone cable is set for release after a successful Kickstarter campaign

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Twig caught my attention the moment it crossed my screen. This simple iPhone cable can, of course, sync and charge your device, but it also adds a healthy dose of versatility to the equation by doubling as a stand, tripod and headphone cable management system.

The Twig has two legs that run alongside the USB portion of the cable. These can be shaped and bent for different situations. For example, you can bend the legs one way and the USB side the other to create a tripod for your iPhone, which is handy for Facetime as well as taking photographs and video. Turn Twig sideways and it can serve as a stand to make watching videos on your iPhone much more comfortable.

In "transport mode" you can use the Twig's legs to neatly wrap up your headphones. Given that most of my iPhone data cables just add to my mess of cords, it is nice to see one that actually cleans up the mess.

The Twig's compact size also makes it easy to carry around, but the downside is that it does not have the range of a standard cable. If you want to charge your device from across the room, this might not be the cable for you although there are USB extender cables that can help rectify that situation.

The Twig Kickstarter fundraising campaign has ended and the goal was more than met. In fact, it was blown away by more than three-hundred percent. Backers are expected to receive their Twigs sometime next month.

If you’re like me, and missed the boat on funding the project to receive your Twig, fear not. Twig creator Jason Hilbourne tells us he is launching an online store for preorders this coming Wednesday.

Source: Kickstarter

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I don't even own an iPhone but I love this idea.

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