Tuls: multi-purpose tools you can carry in your wallet


August 11, 2013

Tuls is a collection of credit card-sized multi-purpose tools designed to suit most needs

Tuls is a collection of credit card-sized multi-purpose tools designed to suit most needs

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The creators of Tuls know they're not creating the perfect tools for individual jobs. Instead, their philosophy is that the "best tool for the job is the one within reach," so while having a single-purpose tool for every job is the dream, the reality is something altogether more practical.

Tuls is a "collection of compact, well-designed, card-sized tools" that are flat and small enough to be carried either on a keychain or in a wallet or handbag. They're not designed to replace the collection of tools you may have waiting at home, but are instead designed to offer an always-to-hand alternative.

Each of the Tuls is crafted from 18-gauge stainless steel, laser-cut to ensure uniformity. The makers claim they're "about as thick and rigid as a US dime." The exact dimensions of each of the Tuls is 3.35 x 2.1 inches ( 85 x 54 mm) with a weight of around 1 oz (28 grams).

There are four Tuls, each with multiple functions sorted into complementary sets. These sets are fixing, measuring, listening, and opening.

Stan is designed for smartphone users, with places to wrap cables as well as a slot that turns it into a very basic stand for mobiles up to 10 mm thick. Lucy features a collection of wrenches as well as a hex drive, tire spoon, and a pry bar. Roul features metric ruler, a metric square, a protractor, and a drill guide, amongst others. Opie is, quite simply, a bottle opener.

Each individual Tul is priced at US$22, so getting the full set of four Tuls will cost $88. The Kickstarter campaign had a very small goal of just $1,500, and has already raised many times that target. Funding will end on September 10, but Tuls will then be added to the Onehundred Shop alongside the company's previous crowdfunded product, Pucs.

Each of the four Tuls is introduced in the Kickstarter campaign video below.

Source: Kickstarter, Onehundred

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I carry a multitool in my Oversize Metal Wallet. It has these functions: Saw, Can Opener, Bottle Opener, Knife, Metric Rule, Srewdriver, Multiple Hex Wrenches, Map Direction Indicator. Suggestion: Do not carry these tools on a key chain, if you travel by air, as TSA agents will confiscate them if they think it can be used as a weapon, or in some cases if they want one for themself. Best to carry in a purse or wallet out of sight.


Not cheap, but handy anyway. Adding little joining links to form part of a wide Kevlar belt-like system to carry all 4 at once and they could have a winner. Might be shocking to don if a cold morning though!

The Skud

I have bent a dime loosening a screw.


This tool cost less than 1$ on aliexpress. Kickstarter becomes a site like Groupon for dealers from china who want make easy money. It's sad(


Very cool, but here is a thought. Why not also make them in metric so the rest of the world can use them to? (There is a world outside USA.. no really, I am not kidding. We even use tools.)

Toffe Kaal

$22 for a bottle opener! Or for an iPod "stand"? Ya gotta be kidding me!

Pat O'Leary

Looks like the programmer down at the laser cutters has been doodling again

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