Triumph announces up-spec 675cc Street Triple 'R'


July 22, 2008

Triumph's Street Triple R

Triumph's Street Triple R

July 22, 2008 Triumph's 675cc Street Triple has decimated the middleweight naked roadbike class in the short time it's been out, embarrassing Honda's Hornet, Yamaha's FZ6 and Suzuki's GSR600 with its superb handling, exciting 110-horsepower 3-cyclinder engine and excellent ride comfort. It's frequently said to be more fun to ride than its big brother, the 1050cc Speed Triple, and is in such high demand that waiting lists for the 'Striple' run into several months all around the world. And now Triumph are releasing a higher-spec 'R' version using the suspension and brakes from the Daytona 675 which is causing a similar commotion in the Supersport class.

The original Triumph Street Triple is regarded by many as the perfect roadbike - light, nimble, comfortable and geared for brilliant speed and acceleration in a world of constricting speed limits that don't let a 600cc or 1000cc race-replica use its top-end power. It's a back-blocks hooligan all-rounder with tough, minimalist looks, and it's so easy to ride that it awakens the devil on the shoulder of the most conservative rider.

And while there's been very little criticism of the standard Striple's brakes and suspension, there's always a segment of the market that wants more, and this segment will be very excited to hear that Triumph is on the verge of releasing the Street Triple R, using the fully-adjustable supersport suspension and radial front brakes of the similarly dominant 675 Daytona. There's two new colour options as well, Magura handlebars and a slightly higher seat.

The lads at TheBikerGene have all the details, plus their usual frank analysis.

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