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TreeHotel's MirrorCube room now available via mail order


May 31, 2012

Mirrorcube glows at dusk

Mirrorcube glows at dusk

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Last year, Gizmag reported on Sweden's tree-house hotel, highlighted by the stunning Mirrorcube room that reflects its own surroundings. Now you no longer have to travel to a remote part of Scandinavia to spend a night in a Mirrorcube, as the company behind Treehotel is offering to construct, deliver and install one wherever you'd like.

Treehotel says to allow four months for delivery of your own Mirrorcube, which can be setup in a living tree or on "a specialized anchoring system," but either way Treehotel will need to approve the location first.

The structure itself is made mostly of wood and aluminum, with in-floor electric heating, lighting and furniture, all designed by the Swedish architecture firm of Bolle Tham and Martin Videgård. The bathroom uses a water-efficient sink and an electric "freeze toilet," which is a similar to a composting toilet.

Treehotel says it can safely handle four occupants at the same time and that you can expect a Mirrorcube to enjoy a 30-year lifespan. As for birds, Treehotel says there's no need to worry about them flying into your mirrored abode, as an infrared film visible to birds but not humans has been laid across the glass.

Pricing on a Mirrorcube is dependent upon location, customization and other factors, but the company is looking for resellers to help broaden its reach.

Source: Treehotel via Springwise.

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After a while, you would work out what all the "DONK!" noises every few minutes were (I doubt that the, design-afterthought, bird-vision-only film is going to last 30 years of UV and real world weathering)......designed for people with money to burn and a fundamental misunderstanding of what getting-back-to-nature is supposed to mean.

Vincent Najger

I'd have to disagree with Vincent on the two points he mentions. It sounds like the designers have put some thought -- not "after-thought" -- into the problem of bird flight. I wish I had this treatment on my wimdows at home. It would have saved a falcon's life last week ! I also think that there are many ways to get "back to nature". Depends on where you start. For some -- imcreasingly many -- contact with the natural environment is being reduced to nearly nothing. So, for these people trapped in urban spaces, this may just be the first step to something, later, that self-contained campers might appreciate.


"an infrared film visible to birds but not humans has been laid across the glass." This sounds like utter baloney. Someone please put a link to this product on this page.

Alan Mudd

What is believe would be better is "IF" the sides of the cube were actually high resolution video screens always tuned to ambient light intensities and also cameras on all the opposing sides of each screen so it can emulate true stealth just like the "predator" in the movies or James Bond in his "Vanquish" automobile. Put some Solar panels on the roof and backup batteries for the energy supply for off-grid living and you got something.

Jim Andrews
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