Treeasy – a Christmas decoration for lazy minimalists


December 1, 2012

Treeasy in both its forms: a flat sheet of metal is transformed into a minimalist Christmas tree

Treeasy in both its forms: a flat sheet of metal is transformed into a minimalist Christmas tree

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Christmas is almost here. Which means cards need writing, presents need wrapping, and the house needs decorating. At least for those who celebrate this holiday which increasingly mixes religion and consumerism. Christmas decorations normally comprise of a tree (whether real or fake) covered in baubles and tinsel. But there are alternatives for those who don't feel the need to uphold tradition, and (perhaps more importantly) don't want to have a part of the outdoors brought indoors for the season.

Treeasy from Argentinian designer José Manuel Rebert Alarcon keeps things simple, elegant, and minimalist. It's a tree forged from a single sheet of aluminum. Thanks to the particular mix of grooves laser-cut into the metal plaque, Treeasy transforms from a flat piece of metal into a small but perfectly formed Christmas tree in seconds. A star screws into the top of Treeasy to complete the look.

It can take hours to choose, buy, pot, and decorate a living tree, and you're essentially bringing a decaying piece of woodland into your house for a few weeks. Treeasy offers an alternative, one that will impress friends with a similar view on the festivities. Others may suggest you're a Grinch for doing the bare minimum, but you'll have the last laugh when they're picking pine needles out of their carpet from now until next Christmas.

Treeasy is currently just a prototype not on general sale, but interested parties are invited to email the designer (address listed on the website below) for more information.

Source: Innovar via Treehugger

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I want one! Got to get hold of this guy because if its metal I see no reason it cant go in my yard. Seems like a great tree for tropical areas too I can just see Christmas at the beach.

Brently Gill

I have made something similar; much smaller, square, and of paper. My children call it a "boing." Since this is aluminum, and hexagonal, it is much more robuts and tree-shaped. I wonder about stowing it when the Holidays are over. Ain't gonna happen, in case you are wondering.

Bruce H. Anderson

Should have included something in at least one of these pictures for perspective. I can't tell if this is four inches or four feet wide.

John Harper

Looks more like a microwave tower. Its always been disappointing for me that scroogey phone companies don't festoon them at xmas time.

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