Transfer cutting board keeps kitchen benchtops clean


February 3, 2010

The Transfer cutting board helps a novice chef look like a professional

The Transfer cutting board helps a novice chef look like a professional

I’m not sure about TV celebrity chefs any more…nothing personal, but they have really raised the bar when it comes to preparing food for guests. Are we expected to smear, tower or stack all our food - or do we just arrange it in one messy heap? Who knows? However, if you do want to look like a professional - the Transfer board could help. Its simple but clever design helps you move chopped food to a single plate quickly and effortlessly - which will make it easier to cook…and to impress.

The Transfer cutting board is made from solid beech which has been oiled with biological linseed oil. You simply insert your plate and then slide your freshly prepared ingredients on to it. Then you are ready for the next ingredient. It can fit a plate with a diameter of 23cm (9.1”) and up to 2.7cm (1.1”) in height.

The board is produced in Berlin, Germany by designers Chris & Ruby. No word on price or availability but we will keep you posted.

Via Coolest Gadgets.

Update on pricing: Transfer will be available within the EU in coming weeks from for 65 Euro.


Hmmm, I don\'t move chopped items to a plate...I move them to either a bowl for staging or to the pot/pan for cooking. I don\'t see much use for this product.


I have an ordinary chopping board, and I slide the food off the end of it onto the plate. Simple

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