Toyota's FT-CH Concept - a smaller and lighter hybrid than the Prius


January 11, 2010

Toyota's FT-HC Concept at the 2010 NAIAS in Detroit

Toyota's FT-HC Concept at the 2010 NAIAS in Detroit

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As part of its theme of "electrification" Toyota revealed at the 2010 North American International Auto Show it is planning a Prius family of vehicles. One model that is being considered for adoption into this family is the FT-CH (concept hybrid) vehicle. The FT-CH would have a lower price point than the Prius and is 6" shorter than the current Prius on the outside, but only 1" shorter in the interior cabin. It is also half an inch thinner and is lighter than the current Prius, which also helps make it more fuel efficient.

The FT-CH dedicated hybrid concept vehicle is the latest addition to Toyota’s comprehensive advanced technology vehicle line up. With Hybrid Synergy Drive as its core technology, Toyota is exploring many solutions for the future of mobility – from battery electric vehicles, to plug-in hybrids, to fuel cell hybrids, to conventional hybrids like the FT-CH concept.

The concept was styled by Toyota's European Design and Development (ED²) center in Nice, France. Its world premier occurred at the 2010 North American International Auto Show. This compact, nimble hybrid represents the expansion of hybrid options for the customer. The FT-CH is lighter in weight and more fuel efficient than the Prius. The concept is designed to target a lower price point than the Prius, thus appealing to a younger, less-affluent buyer demographic.

At an overall length of 153 inches and width of 68.5 inches, the FT-CH is sized to be maneuverable and responsive. In spite of its compact size, the concept is designed for maximum passenger comfort and interior space.

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\" The FT-CH is lighter in weight and more fuel efficient than the Prius.\"

How much lighter and how much more fuel efficient? Will it have a Cd less than 0.20 and a fuel efficiency of at least 60 mpg? By its shape, the Cd would not seem as low as the original Prius but my eyes could be deceiving me. Perhaps the fuel savings are only because of the weight loss. More detailed data is required.

Adrian Akau

All reports on EVs should have five facts: 1. Cost 2. Range 3. Refuel (charge) time 4. Drag 5. Weight

I have yet to see this. Why? These basic facts are fundamental to judging practicality.

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