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Toyota FT-HT concept makes world premiere


April 22, 2013

Toyota FT-HT Yuejia on show at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show (Photo: Gizmag.com)

Toyota FT-HT Yuejia on show at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show (Photo: Gizmag.com)

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Toyota is certainly looking to make an impact at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show. More than 50 production models and concept cars are on display in the company's massive 4,600 square meter booth and among them is the FT-HT Yuejia, a six-seater concept aimed at young Chinese consumers that's making its world premiere at the show.

The boldly sculpted FT-HT Yuejia (meaning "happy family") is most notable for its pillarless scissor door design, dramatic sweeping grille, three-part headlight setup and unusual seating configuration, which consists of three rows of two individual seats.

While technical details are yet to be revealed, the concept is expected to be developed exclusively for the Chinese market and will be powered by a hybrid system currently in the works at Toyota's R&D; Center in Changshu.


Has an angry wraith like nose. Plenty of airflow through the front. Must be to cool batteries/power components.

Curious how safety regulations for side impact protection is catered with no center pillar.

But in all honesty, a hybrid or pure electric people mover is a good idea and I don't know why it is not more common. The long platform seems ideal for a large capacity flat battery pack.

People with extended families often have to settle for bricks with rubbish fuel economy. The best we have around my area is a Hyundai diesel people mover that is good for 25-30mpg. Would prefer 40's combined cycle.


I like the way the side opens but the front end is ugly. If I was looking for a new family mover I would be interested so long as the hybrid system isn't electric.


My wife has a Lexus, RX 300, which is getting old. She wants a new SUV, but really doesn't want another Lexus, as they are expensive, (for what you get), and get horrible mileage. She also needs an all wheel drive. I keep telling her to "hold off" as i truly believe that within 2 years there will be many new SUV's out there, with All-wheel drive systems that will give her 35 to 40 MPG, yet provide her with the comfort she wishes, all at a reasonable price. WE'RE waiting, and who ever comes out with them first, will do VERY WELL....


bring this to the US market

Stephen Russell

It's kind of funny they show and call this "Happy Family" with China's one child policy, unless they plan to live in it. It'll hold 2 average Chinese families

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