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Collapsible Bloom helmet expands for emergencies


October 30, 2013

The Bloom helmet from Toyo Safety looks like any other safety helmet, but folds down for s...

The Bloom helmet from Toyo Safety looks like any other safety helmet, but folds down for storage and portability

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Natural disasters can strike at any moment, and often with little, if any, warning. This is especially true in countries located along fault lines, which can experience sudden and devastating earthquakes. Though countries such as Japan have measures in place designed to warn of earthquakes, the risk still exists. Which is where the Bloom from Toyo Safety could prove its worth.

The Bloom is a collapsible safety helmet designed to be a space-saving, portable last resort for people caught up in an emergency. It folds down to a streamlined shape for storage, but can be expanded out to a concave shape in under a minute. This is done by pulling a cord attached to the back of the helmet, which expands the panels until they provide a solid shield against falling debris.

The Bloom comes in a range of colors – lime, orange, white, and gray – and weighs just 1 lb (450 g). As well as passing official Japanese safety tests, the Bloom also won a G-Mark Good Design Award for 2013. Each Bloom safety helmet costs 4,000 yen (US$40).

Source: Toyo Safety via Akihabara News

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Who gets a minute warning for earthquakes? Thats a massively integrated warning system with overrides for TV Cable Satellite and cell phones or waiting a minuet for a helmet is a joke too late to count.

4,000 yen to 40 dollars? yah inflation is not a problem lol!

Joseph Mertens
1st November, 2013 @ 01:46 am PDT
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