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Touchy Remix brings comfort to the multi-touch table


February 15, 2010

The design of the Touchy Remix is perfect for those that prefer to sit

The design of the Touchy Remix is perfect for those that prefer to sit

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Microsoft’s Surface and Ideum’s offering might have blazed a lightly traveled trail for touch-sensitive computerized tables, but they seem to have overlooked one important factor - they are difficult to comfortably use while sitting down due to their boxy shape. German artist Janis Pönisch has solved this problem with her design for the outer shell of the Touchy Remix – a multi-touch table that people can actually sit at.

The funky fiberglass shell of the Touchy Remix is built around a rigid aluminum chassis that houses either a 40 or 47-inch 1280 x 800 (WXGA) internal projection screen, depending on which part of the website you look at (I suspect the slightly more common 40-inch size is the correct one). All the multi-touch software is included on an integrated Apple Mac Mini running OS X or if you prefer, Windows 7 via Boot Camp.

The standard configuration Touchy Remix includes four USB 2.0 ports accessible on the base of the table and a choice of (blazing) red, (arctic) white or (funky) yellow. Optional extras include custom color, eight USB 2.0 ports and one FireWire 400 port, dual mono jack audio output, dual camera setup, iPhone/iPod dock, wireless keyboard and two channel HD audio output. The unit measures 132.5 x 75 x 96.5 cm (52.16” x 29.52” x 37.99”) W x H x D, and weighs around 95 kg (209 lb).

The Touchy Remix is the result of collaboration between Amsterdam-based companies SOCO Sensus, who are responsible for the hardware, and Intactlab, who provided the multi-touch software and are also the sole distributors of the device.

Those interested can rent a Touchy Remix starting at 999 euro for one day, with a discount for each additional day up to a maximum of 25 percent for a period of five days. Anyone wanting a table for longer periods or for purchase can contact Intactlab.

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