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The Touchtype brings together the iPad and Apple Wireless Keyboard


May 8, 2012

The Touchtype case was designed for those who prefer a full-sized physical keyboard

The Touchtype case was designed for those who prefer a full-sized physical keyboard

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The iPad has been the top selling tablet in the world since its launch, and on the heels of Apple's success, thousands of accessory makers snapped into action, releasing an endless flow of extras for the iPad. Among the most popular accessories are cases and keyboards, and we've seen several companies combine these two needs, such as the Logitech iPad keyboard, or the Brydge keyboard case. In such a crowded market, standing out is important, and the recently launched Touchtype case does so by making use of a full size physical keyboard.

Yes, the Touchtype is only the latest in a long line of iPad keyboard cases, but it does manage to innovate where others have fallen short. Obviously, and most importantly, the Touchtype is designed around the Apple Wireless Keyboard, making it the first iPad case designed to hold a keyboard that is of desktop dimensions, making typing much more comfortable. While the keyboard isn't incorporated into the case, it slots into a pocket in such a way as to minimize the case's dimensions. Additionally, because the keyboard connects over Bluetooth, the iPad can be used horizontally or vertically, making portrait orientation typing possible.

The Touchtype is meant for those who value productivity above all else, and there are a few drawbacks that could scare away the average iPad user. As far as looks go, the Touchtype closely resembles your average folding iPad case, a far cry from the beautiful aluminum "Macbook style" looks of the Brydge keyboard. There's also that nagging issue of not including a keyboard with the case, so if you don't already own both an iPad and the Apple Wireless Keyboard, you might be better off finding a less expensive option.

The Touchtype is certainly an worthy tool for the iPad power user. If you feel cramped on smaller keyboards this may be your best bet. Recently launched on Kickstarter, the Touchtype is hoping to find funding to bring this product to market faster. Things are looking good on that front with the US$2,500 goal already being passed with still almost a month to go.

Kickstarter: Touchtype

Here's the Kickstarter video pitch for the Touchtype case.


I like everything about that

Simple and highly effective design to a problem that almost all of us face and almost nobody talks about !

9th May, 2012 @ 12:08 pm PDT

There are a bunch of ipad keyboards floating around my company--Most are cheaper than this $150 one but none are as good a keyboard or real leather like this one http://www.brookstone.com/bluetooth-keyboard-pro-case-for-ipad?bkiid=SearchResults|CategoryProductList|783382p It works great--been using it everyday for 18 months.

While I'm glad someone FINALLY is using the excellent/best Apple keyboard it won't serve my many uses being two separate pieces. I constantly flip out my Brookstone in my lap, in bed & etc and this one wouldn't work for that. As the inventor says it is an excellent "typing station" but not so much all around like mine.

Al Mayberry
21st July, 2013 @ 07:50 pm PDT
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