Torch T1 bicycle helmet now available for pre-order


September 18, 2012

The T1 creates better visibility for night cycling

The T1 creates better visibility for night cycling

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The Torch T1 bicycle helmet utilizes an integrated LED lighting system to increase a cyclist's night-time visibility. After earning over 50 percent more than its Kickstarter goal just a few months ago, the T1 is now available for pre-order.

The T1 helmet was conceived as a way of increasing the narrow viewing angles typical of other bike light systems. It uses a series of ten high-flux LED lights embedded behind front and rear lenses, creating a larger surface area of illumination that makes the cyclist more visible to traffic around him. The lights are powered by USB-rechargeable batteries that provide up to five hours of burn time per charge. Charging takes about an hour and a half.

With lighting integrated into their helmets, cyclists have one less piece of gear to lose or forget. Assuming you use the helmet regularly, you'll always have an integrated lighting system for unexpected commutes after dark.

If you weren't a Kickstarter first adopter, you'll have to pay a little more for your T1 helmet. Pre-order pricing is set at US$120 for the standard T1 and $130 for the Midnight Edition, which uses smoked lenses. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in November.

The current T1 isn't bright enough to serve as a headlamp, but during its Kickstarter campaign, Torch mentioned that it was considering designing a brighter headlamp model in the future.

Source: Torch Apparel via The GearCaster

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$120? Holy God tonight! Mine was €11 from Lidl, and I can add a bike light to the back strap if I want to be more visible.


I use a 200 lumen headlamp strapped to the front of my helmet (straps through the vent holes) and a red strobe taillight strapped to the back. Add $30 for these lights to $30 for the helmet, and it's half the price of the Torch with greater air flow and WAY greater road/trail illumination.


can I buy this T1 in Norway now ( january 2013)?

Bård Krogstad
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