Tooth Guardian concept would let you see your teeth while you brush


December 7, 2011

The Tooth Guardian would use a camera to display an image of your teeth on your bathroom mirror while you brush

The Tooth Guardian would use a camera to display an image of your teeth on your bathroom mirror while you brush

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Going to the dentist is hardly anyone's favorite activity, but it can be hard for you to see everything that's going on with your teeth in a mirror at home while you brush.

The Tooth Guardian is a concept designed by Yu-Hsin Lin, Chu-Che Chang and Shang-Hsuan Lu, to help cut down on unwanted dentist visits by integrating a camera system into your toothbrush. The camera takes a look at your chompers while you brush, and displays an image of what it sees on your bathroom mirror - the idea is that you would see where you're missing in your daily brushing routine, or be able to catch things like cavities early.

An LED light on the brush illuminates your mouth, a micro CCD captures what's going on inside, and a UV light sterilizes your toothbrush when you're done.

The Tooth Guardian is currently just a concept, but certainly an interesting one. What do you think? Would you want to see your teeth while you brush?

Source: Yanko Design


It\'s not going to work if the toothbrush head is covered in foamy toothpaste. Although I\'ve seen some articles and blogs lately that claim toothpaste is not necessary.


Visual feedback is probably the most powerful aid in everything we do. As SeekMocha relates, there may be problems with toothpaste foam. Its easy just to sell just a good LED lighting and camera as a separate unit to check the teeth before, during and after brushing in separate visual checking. As well we can watch for caries, stuck food in crevasse surfaces etc in order to remove this with water flush, massage, floss, toothpick, proxabrush, toothbrush etc.

Douglas Jack

Now the App to send it to my dentist! :-) seriously though I look forward to the day we can spit on a tab and see what we do or do not have (bring on the digital home visit & patient monitor!) One more reason to give grandma a tablet for???


Brilliant idea - elegant and simple, and useful.

Todd Dunning

Patients who have had significant dental / oral surgery, and need to observe and clean parts of their teeth or mouth very carefully could benefit greatly from this. e.g. after radicular cyst surgery around teeth roots, with gum sutures.


This idea would definitely help people who have visible cavities. The problem is that most decay that causes a cavity and the hot/cold pangs are not able to be seen visually, only radiographically through x-rays. When you can see a cavity with an at home camera instead of a high res professional dental intraoral camera, it\'s generally going to take a bit of treatment to fix it since the decay would have to reach the surface before it would be noticed. But for people who never look at their teeth, this would be helpful in educating people of what to look for. The best way to stay cavity-free will always involve going to your dentist and keeping your x-rays current every year.

Katrina Pelt

What a dopey idea. Really dumb!!!

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