Titanium Escape Ring: Jewelry for James Bond-types


February 28, 2013

The Titanium Escape Ring has a hidden extra -- a stainless steel multi-tool designed to help you escape from tricky situations

The Titanium Escape Ring has a hidden extra -- a stainless steel multi-tool designed to help you escape from tricky situations

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Countless movies and books include a plot-line in which the protagonist is abducted and either tied or handcuffed to something solid. It happens in real life too, though thankfully a lot less often than the thriller genre would have us believe. In the unlikely event you were taken hostage and incapacitated it would be nice to have something about your person that could help you escape. We're entering James Bond territory here.

The Titanium Escape Ring is a simple ring with one key difference. Hidden within its band is a stainless steel multi-tool which boasts a tiny saw and shim for picking locks. In an emergency the saw could – allegedly – be used to cut through cable ties, duct tape, and rope, while the shim could release you from single-lock handcuffs.

The multi-tool measures 2 inches (51 mm) x 1/8 inches (3.2 mm) x 1/64 inches (0.4 mm), and is flexible enough to be curved and seated on the inside of the ring. This keeps it completely hidden from view when being worn, though should your captors remove the ring from your finger its potential usefulness comes to an abrupt end.

If this piece doesn't appeal then the Titanium Utility Ring with its five folding tools may do instead.

Would-be 00's can get hold of the Titanium Escape Ring for around US$60.

Source: eBay via Boing Boing

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I like how they pretend like this is a novelty wanna be spy item, rather then the obvious that criminals expecting to possible be getting arrested would end up buying this.

That being said i like it, has a practical use for some people, i like the aspect of it being able to cut ziptie cuffs rather then shimmy the locks on regular cuffs but both are useful. It would take a ton of publicity to get it to the point where cops are actively checking peoples rings before cuffing them, so this would be perfectly stealth.

This might come in handy for tourists visiting third world countries with a history for corruption, not that im saying anyone put in cuffs should attempt to escape but in a dodgy situation it could prove fateful and its always good to have options.

Also price seems fair.


Great morale booster, and conversation piece! At least the cutter is stainless steel. So well concealed that a picture of the cutter is not permitted, nor how it may be deployed one-handed.

Essential for all special occasions we may possibly encounter in the next few lives upon planet earth...provided it's workable, and it works.


That looks like it would really hurt if you put on a little weight (as I have done since this ring on my wedding finger was measured for)!!

Nathan Rees

Three thoughts: 1) I would design it so the ring splits into two rings,each with a hook to attach to the ends of the blade, making them the "handles".

2) This is TSA-proof

3) It wouldn't help you escape from a bad marriage

Joseph Prosser

Ha, my 20th wedding anniversary is coming up and my wife wants to get new wedding bands (we were rather poor when we married and our bands sucked).

Do you think if I got this ring it would send her the wrong message?

Rann Xeroxx

Wonder how long it would take to saw through a zip tie...


Zip tie: about ten seconds... There are also some YouTube videos on how to defeat zip-ties....good stuff.

Matt Rings

I would have a flashy ring (cubic zircon or onyx) on some other finger like a college foorball ring, or put this one on the other hand entirely, as if it was a memento or nothing worth a lot of money. Hopefully it would then be overlooked for the flashy ring and remain ready for use.

The Skud

It would be nice it the saw was actually attached to the ring that way you would have something to hold it by. It doesn't look too comfortable to wear either.

Sliding a pin into a zip tie clasp will release it in wink of an eye btw :-)

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