Tiny Houses

Tiny House Village lets you try out small living for size

The idea of living in a tiny house can seem pretty appealing, but the reality of day-to-day life in such a small space obviously isn't for everyone. Those looking to dip a toe into the small living movement and see if it's for them have a new option in the form of a new tiny house vacation village near Portland, Oregon.Read More

Young couple goes Dutch with $28k tiny house build

Deciding that standard domestic life and its trappings wasn't for them, Dutch couple Martijn and Irene ditched their careers for seasonal work that left them more time to travel the world. Next, with the wanderlust bug well and truly caught, the pair set upon building an off-grid towable tiny house from scratch over their winter break for just €25,000.Read More

Tiny house has curves in all the right places

Canada's Structural Spaces is relatively new to the tiny house scene, but still brings plenty of experience to the table. Chad Smith lived in a tiny house for four years with his young family and has been designing furniture and buildings for 25 years. This all shows with the recently-completed Curved 260 Micro Home, which shoehorns a lot of home into just 260 sq ft (24 sq m), and uses high-quality materials meant to last.Read More

Austin architect gets small living just right

There's a definite sweet spot in size when designing a tiny house. Too small and you'll feel like you're living in an oversized closet, but too large and you risk losing the benefits of an easily portable home. Austin, Texas-based artist and architect Ann Armstrong recently designed and built her own towable tiny house that gets the balance just right, and looks a genuinely appealing place to live.Read More

Ex-boat builder designs unique off-grid tiny house

Ex-boat builder and carpenter Jeff Hobbs from New Zealand-based studio Room to Move was recently commissioned to build a special bespoke tiny house for local resident Briar Hale. The 23.95 sq m (257.8 sq ft) house was built using structural insulated panels (SIPs) made from plywood and foam; recycled wood materials and sports multiple off-grid solutions. Hobbs chose to build the home using 62 mm (2.45 in) thick SIPs due to their lightweight, strength, durability and excellent insulation qualities, and also meant that he had extra floor space to work with when designing the home's interior.Read More

Have Life Pod, will travel

Inventor, engineer and author Michael R Weekes wanted to see how much home he could fit onto a small trailer designed for jet-skis, and still tow it with a standard car. The answer turned out to be the Life Pod: a tiny home that Weekes also envisions serving as a disaster relief or homeless shelter.Read More

Esk'et Tiny House is not your average tiny home

Tiny house enthusiasts Robert and Bettina Johnson from Alkali Lake in British Columbia, Canada, have recently completely their own 280 sq ft (26 sqm) home. Combining a surprisingly large and modern interior with a beautiful curved roofline and references to local art and tradition, this is one tiny home that stands apart. We spoke to the couple about their creation and plans for the future.Read More


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