New Timbuk2 messenger bags feature internal chargers


July 6, 2012

Charge your gadgets on the move from a small, integrated power supply

Charge your gadgets on the move from a small, integrated power supply

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Timbuk2, a manufacturer of bags and packs of all shapes and sizes, has announced a new line of packs with gadget-charging capabilities. The San Francisco-based company has teamed up with Joey Energy to deliver the Power Commute messenger bag and Power Q backpack, which include Joey's T1 power supply.

The charger, which Timbuk2 says is not available for individual sale, has a rugged, water-resistant case and a corded satellite USB for charging. To make life a little less complicated for busy commuters, it has no buttons and simply begins charging when you plug in. It sits in a dedicated pouch in each bag, offering simple on-the-go charging of laptops, tablets, smartphones and other gadgets.

The Timbuk2/Joey packs do not include solar panels or other eco-friendly charging hardware. Instead, the Joey T1 is charged by a standard wall outlet, and a pass-through feature allows you to simultaneously charge the T1 and an external device.

The Power Commute is a TSA-compliant laptop bag. In addition to the Joey charger, features include a removable shoulder strap and faux fur-lined phone/gadget compartments. The Power Q is a backpack with a "Swing Around" laptop compartment and ventilated back panel. Both packs will retail for US$199 when they launch on Timbuk2's website in October. They'll find their way to select retailers beginning in February.

Source: Timbuk2

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I currently own a Timbuk2 Q and it's the best computer backpack I've ever owned. Travel with it 40-44 weeks a year and it has held up with zero fray or zipper issues for well over 18 months (a personal record). Can't wait for this iteration as it adds the one missing piece that stops the current generation from being the best bag on the market. I'll be the first in line.

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