Timberland trail shoes fold up and zip closed for stowage


December 10, 2011

Timberland's new Radler Trail Camp foldable shoe

Timberland's new Radler Trail Camp foldable shoe

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Along with better mouse traps, the search for ever-lighter hiking shoes will likely always be with us. At 9oz (255g) each, the Radler Trail Camp hikers are Timberland's latest tilt at this quest - and when you add water repellent properties and the ability to fold up for storage, you just may have a piece of outdoor gear as essential as the cork screw or pocket knife. At the very least, insurance for cold, wet feet could be only a couple of zippers away.

The Timberland Radler's quick-drying, water-repellent ripstop tops come in red, orange and black and mesh nicely with partially-recycled black rubber soles. A removable/washable fleecy insole provides added padding and warmth, all at a reasonable price point of from about US$50-65 per pair. For those who like to take impromptu hikes or always seem to have the "wrong" shoes for the occasion, these comfy numbers may be just the ticket to next season's adventures.

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Not sure I really like the design. I am confused, is the zipper water proof? I mean I personally hate zippers having them on the outside of of a \"hiking\" shoe seems very silly, will get jammed with dirt and grass. Seems like the shoe doesn\'t provide any support, insulation or comfort. Id have to wear them to really be a judge. Having them flex in the middle seems like a pain, I think it would of been better if they designed shoes that stacked on top of each and then sealed by a number of maybe a Tupperware like locking system, or straps that tightly hold them together and compact them at the same time.

Michael Mantion

Looks dirty. Image hicking for a day in the mud and then folding those up...

Brook Zimmatore

It might make more sense if the soles were on the inside of the shoe when zipped closed, so that dirt doesnt get all over your gear.

Peter Kowalchuk-Reid

The zipper mechanism would not last long sitting where it is on the outside of your foot bashing against rocks and logs.

Christian Dillon

Bravo! Just what an independent Perpetual Traveler needs, shoes that actualy fit ino a suitcase or Backpack. I could use 2. Creativity appreciated.

Chris Smith

Motorcyclist\'s dream pair of random shoes for when you get there and want to take off your bike boots, quality product, put em in bike shops and make a fortune.

Jack Thompson

They do not look good for real hiking but for getting your feet warm and dry in camp at the end of the day maybe.


Looks whoever invented this never walked it far from his office and it tested it out on the real environment.

Zippers are easily damaged, and were never originally designed to be exposed and come onto contact with rough terrain, sand, soil, leaves, vegetation torns, tiny rocks etc etc.

And was there really a problem with stroing shoes? There has been a solution since the plastic bag was invented. This doesn\'t even keep water out and keep unwanted debris from getting into places you don\'t want them to. This is solution that never needs invention in the first place.

The world needs more designers with common sense.


wow all the negatives!!! guess that is why they are called a \'camp\' shoe and not a hiking shoe??

Jeremy Law

Come up with an idea off the beaten path and all the negatives pour on you...Well, no worries Jeremy...real designers are built to last so they can turn the negativity to advantage without a sweat. Hand it to the originator, this is a great idea and the follow up effort over the first generation will surely be better. City commuters are also within the target buyer range as this would come in handy for all of us who would like to walk home in comfort leaving the shiny boots at the office, or who hate going on site on surprise visits with the same boots on. I\'ll go and buy two pairs at least...

Hakan Ozkasikci

Oh ! give it a break about the zippers they are used when the shoe is folded and stowed away. It is a terrific idea I will buy a pair as soon as I can. Gee-whiz granma there be a zipper on my shoe, with all due respect grow-up naysayers.


Hiking boots are not supposed to be bendable. You would sprain your ankle with these. The rubber at the bottom is not thick enough. The zippers would be so muddy you wouldn\'t want to fold them up. The top is not high enough. After all, who needs shoes you can fold up? They will still be muddy with the soles on the outside? Most of the time you\'re wearing them! I\'m just very surprised that so many ridiculous ideas such as these as released.


I expect to see many members of the High Heels in the office crowd to be wearing these on Miami FL Metrorail, 10 minutes ago.

Dave B13

These aren\'t for hiking in; they are to wear in camp rather than the hiking boots your feet have been cooking in all day. They are lightweight and foldable so you can pack them with you on the trail. I tried to find some at my local Timberland store but they didn\'t have any. I plan to use them for flyfishing trips while not wearing wading shoes or hiking boots. Used to use flip flops, but they are heaver, take up more space and don\'t stay on my feet. Hoping these are a better alternative.

Royal Coachman

I thought you had something there for a minute, before I understood I was looking at one shoe folded and zippered.

better idea. give the shoes a real sole, pack them sole to sole, and give each shoe a fold down skirt with velcro (on both sides to avoid flapping) , not zippers. seal the dirt within the velcroed soles.


These are the greatest around the house shoes. I have them on in my workshop all day long as well. just perfect, super easy to put on and off. I just can't wait to try them on for cannoing!! (to replace my wetsuit boots which can be too warm sometimes) I think I'm gonna need an other pair for the camping night times! Gheiz, thank you for such nice shoes.

And if the zipper gets broken, I'll just use a brocolli lastic, who cares!?

Thanks for those cheap-super-well-designed-just-nice-shoes!

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