Thirst Aid – on-the-fly water purification


April 18, 2008

April 18, 2008 The human body is surprisingly intolerant when you let hydration levels drop too far and you’d be surprised how quickly a disaster can rob you of what you take for granted. Flooding is a common phenomena, as are hurricanes, earthquakes, bushfires, war and throw in a few rarer pestilences and natural disasters like global pandemics and tsunamis, and sometimes it’s worth assessing what you might need when the world goes pear shaped.

The first thing you need is access to clean water – without it, you won’t last long in any environment. Floods can contaminate everything you have, including your water supply.

Accordingly, Pure Hydration’s Thirst Aid begins to make a lot of sense. If you’re ever inclined to go adventuring, particularly where the water is dodgy or outright dangerous, the robust pouch is light and does the job on the spot – just pour in the dirty water, wait a while, and then squeeze out the clean water. Good for 300 liters.

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