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Third generation electric smart car and first generation smart electric bike set to debut


August 16, 2011

Smart's new electric range

Smart's new electric range

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Two new electric smart vehicles will debut in showrooms next year. The third generation smart fortwo electric car will be available within twelve months in more than 30 markets. Driven by a 55 kW electric motor it will have a top speed of more than 120 km/h and a range of around 140 kilometers, with the ability to be fully recharged, in the right circumstances, in less than an hour.

Equally as significant as the smart electric fortwo is the smart pedelec power-assist electric bike which will also be available in dealerships during 2012.

A 250 watt electric motor will support the rider's pedaling for up to 100 km, with a three-speed gear hub and LED lighting both front and rear. Significantly, the smart fortwo will come with a special carrier for the bike.

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Be interested to see how much these go for - liking the look of the bike, mainly because I\'m lazy! :)

Mark Thomas

How much is the bike?

Charles Gaines

Not quite as swoopy and svelte as the prototype, is it? http://behance.vo.llnwd.net/profiles5/92679/projects/783003/34889666427881fff3f5a7d86750555a.jpg

Keith Reeder

There a lot of limitiations on the current model. to quote SMART directly "The smart fortwo electric drive sets new standards and provides an answer to the environmental challenges facing us. How much will the smart fortwo electric drive cost? The smart fortwo electric drive will be leased to customers in certain countries for a period of 4 years (60,000 km). In Germany this full service leasing will cost 700 net per month. Due to different conditions the price will vary in other countries; however, it will be at around the same level as the German price."

Just a tad toooo expensive!


At the very least the bike could be designed to carry some cargo... oh, right, for that you want a car!

Todd Edelman

Not one in 100 would pay that price. Obviously they are depending on gov subsidy. I am against all gov subsidies, grants, loans, taxes, ect. How will the gov pay for roads and infrastructure? They don\'t provide food, clothes, electronics, or anything that\'s cheap and we are better off. Ask any citizen of the old USSR. The gov has NO BUSINESS IN BUSINESS. Everything gov does, private enterprise can do cheaper and better. It\'s never been tried anywhere before and gov will destroy any group that attempts it, but if our species is going to survive, we better stop the violence and choose freedom.


love the woman on high heels, if she was wearing a helmet it would be on backwards

Bill Bennett

Love the functionality and shape of the car. Only available in my country as a petrol model, no turbo diesel? A production electric version is just a pipe dream unless I do it myself. Paying 33,600 euro and not owning the car at the end of four years is insane. The Motor Industry talks 'Green'. Sure manufacturers have been gradually reducing emissions and increasing fuel efficiency. But to introduce vehicles that require virtually no maintenance and can be plugged into a power point at home, for one off sales profit. Who benefits?..... Only consumers. They need to look at the bigger picture. A cleaner planet, the massive sales potential if the price is affordable and if energy and transportation costs can be reduced significantly, then other job creating sectors in our economies can thrive.

The Stav
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