Thierry Mugler's 100mph Spire Powerboat Concept


August 9, 2011

The Thierry Mugler Inspire Powerboat

The Thierry Mugler Inspire Powerboat

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Provocative French designer Thierry Mugler's star has risen and fallen many times in thirty years of international prominence, though he seems to be back in vogue right now thanks to uber-fans Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

For someone who has designed perfumes and fashion collections with a strong fetishist bent, he's certainly produced a remarkable effort in reimagining the 100 mph Spire powerboat with electric coupe roof (the existing Spire is pictured below).

Not much information will be available on Mugler's design until the Monaco Yacht show next month, but it already represents some wonderful new and fresh thought on powerboat design.

Thierry Mugler is best known to the world at present for having Lady Gaga, arguably the world's best known and highest paid female entertainer, turn up to model his gear at the autumn/winter 2011 womenswear collection in Paris earlier this year.

In addition to modelling the clothes as a favor, Lady Gaga also debuted a previously unknown track, "Government Hooker," at the showing. Last year he designed the costumes and much else on Beyonce's tour.

The Mugler Studio has been moving away from his traditional areas of fashion and perfume for a decade now, taking commissions to apply his talents to hotels, shopping malls, private jets and yachts (his refit of the world's fastest yacht, the Gentry Eagle, is a stand-out), furniture, and even retakes on everyday objects.


IT looks like the bat boat! Cool

Mike Ward

I don\'t want to go 100mph on water without active aerodynamic stabilization.


I think he needs to stick to designing dresses. That Batboat, with clear styling queues (polite word for plagiarism) from the 1955 Lincoln Futura (Batmobile) seems naive at best. The ramming of air under the boat between the two front sponsons, as well as that negative camber wing above the bridge, both conspire to flip the boat backwards as aerodynamic pressures increase as the square of speed. IMO, it\'ll get squirrely at a bit more than half the claimed speed. At 100MPH, Batman\'s pet name for Robin will apply to the occupant, old \"chum\".


Ditto first three comments above, it\'s not cool to me, but it\'s ok if it\'s cool to others. As a boat it would not have made a bad dress for Marjorie Main. But those pointless pointy hand rails will have to go, unless they are for harpooning whales. Seriously, the pragmatist in me is getting dry heaves just thinking of this drawing. See what I mean, it\'s even a good color for her.

Dave B13
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