Thermal spa features 20 foot-high evaporation walls


September 9, 2011

The wooden structure of Solepark's Sole Arena resembles a classic Swedish bath house (image by Lutzow 7)

The wooden structure of Solepark's Sole Arena resembles a classic Swedish bath house (image by Lutzow 7)

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The town of Bad Essen in Northern Germany has long been the home of salt works facilities, where in the early 1900's it was discovered that the salt in the surrounding air proved to be a natural remedy for many respiratory illnesses. Located in the town is Solepark, a health resort devoted entirely to the contemplation of the five senses. One of the highlights of the resort is its unique Sole Arena.

Surrounded by lush gardens and picturesque scenery, the resort was finished in 2010 by designer Lützow 7 and features the Sole Arena as its centerpiece. The wooden structure of the arena resembles a classic Swedish bath house, whilst an interior rotunda displays a central fountain, with surrounding relaxation seating. The open roof arena is the main attraction of the health spa, where 6 meter (20 foot) high evaporation walls allow guests to enjoy the healing benefits of salt enriched air.

Several relaxation zones are joined through tunnel entrances, that give the impression that the resort has been carved out of a mammoth tree trunk. An adjacent "Garden of Silence" allows for meditation and the "Forest Terrace" offers a viewing platform overlooking the Serpentine garden below, displaying an array of colors with horned violets, pansies, forget-me-nots, tulips and poppies.

Source: World Architecture News

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I am not impressed this time with the Germans because in Poland in almost every city you can find one or two and they started building them years ago. You can find it on Youtube under the name Jaskinia Solna or Grota Solna

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