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Just-launched theKube2 claims title of "World's Smallest Touch MP3 Player"


December 20, 2011

The makers of the just-launched theKube2 claim that it is the world's smallest touchscreen MP3 player

The makers of the just-launched theKube2 claim that it is the world's smallest touchscreen MP3 player

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Although owners of the iPod Shuffle might have something to say about it, Singapore's Bluetree Electronics has announced the launch of what it claims is "the smallest touch MP3 player in the world," theKube2. The diminutive device has an aluminum body, runs for six hours on a one-hour charge of its lithium-polymer battery, and can store approximately 1,000 songs on its included 4GB microSD card. You can also buy replaceable skins for it, should shiny silver not be your thing.

The follow-up product to Bluetree's similar theKube, theKube2 charges from and syncs with its owner's PC (no word on Mac compatibility) via an included USB cable. A set of earbuds is also included. Users have the option of increasing its capacity by swapping in memory cards up to 32GB in size, which should allow for the storage of about 8,000 songs.

No figures are available on the device's dimensions, so unfortunately we can't do the math to determine if its total volume really is less than that of the Shuffle. It does, however, bear more than a passing resemblance to the MP3- and video-playing MobiBLU (nicknamed "The Cube"), which appears to no longer be available.

So far, theKube2 is only available at 7-Eleven stores(!) in Singapore, for SG45.90 (US$35). Its worldwide debut is scheduled to take place next month, at CES in Las Vegas.

Source: Popgadget

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as these things get smaller, the chance of losing them or their ending up in the wash are increasing...

I have enough trouble finding my (prehistoric!) mobile some mornings!!!

\"not for me, thanks\"


MobiBlu anyone? http://www.kjglobal.co.uk/acatalog/mobiblu_cube_5_4.0gb.html This doesn\'t look to be any smaller.

Gray Troutman

great new and improved, now even easier to lose.

Jay Finke

I would not want anything smaller than this: http://vimeo.com/15545123

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