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Bed-making is a breeze with the Zip Bed


November 4, 2010

The Zip Bed simply zips and unzips

The Zip Bed simply zips and unzips

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Italian furniture design company Florida has created the perfect bed for those mornings when you just want to grab a coffee and run out the door. All that you have to do is simply get out and zip it up – no more making your bed in the morning. At night, you just unzip it and climb back in. If you like the snugged-up feeling, you can even be “zipped-in."

The padded frame of the bed has been designed with soft fabrics from Emmecia and comes in three color options for the base; white, gray or navy blue. You can jazz up your bedroom with thirteen different color options for the interior. The interior fabrics can be removed for washing or for a color change at anytime.

Prices for the Zip Bed are yet to to be released.

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I\'ve already got a zip up bed, it\'s called a \'\'sleeping bag\'\'! It\'s two singles zipped together so it is zipped both sides, for entry/exit and airing sits on-top of the existing bed and costs \'\'peanuts\'\'


if you would not do the \"bed making\" before ziping the bed, you would soon end with uncomfortable duvet and cushion, as they need to \"breathe\". It would get humid with mould and lot of mites. But if it would be combined with some \"air flow\" which would blow out the bed with circulating air, than this would really be a good concept, not just design, but really working. P.S.: the bed is really nice, even without that ziping. I love that \"all white flat with everything hidden\" design on the last image. Combined with white cabinets with hidden shelfs, it would be very cool.

Tomáš Kapler

Zipping it up to make the bed? Who said I make the bed up in the first place? And if I don\'t make it up, then I probably ain\'t going to be zipping it up either.

Mr Stiffy

My dog would love to sleep on this bed!

Christina Smith

This is a FABULOUS idea. What would be really cool is to make this smaller, like maybe small enough to carry for a camping trip.

Bruce H. Anderson

Its a nice looking bed except how does it dry out from perspiration ? Right now I have a mattress on the floor with a fitted sheet and top sheet and down comforter and two pillows. Its very firm and good for your back and easy to make up. You just straighten out the top sheet and put the down comforter on and youre done.

John Finn

Nice to know your sleeping arrangements Jonathan, but a firm bed on a flat floor is NOT good for your back. You need a couple of inches of a soft texture on top to compensate for the curvature of your spine. Ian Colley.


This will appear in a movie and an expired bad guy will be zipped up in it. However, it\'s still a great design and sure to be copied and sold at 1/5th the price of the original...


The point about it not airing, mold forming, etc is very true, unless the mattress is somehow treated/tech equipped in some way. For those of you lazy to make your bed, do this: 1. Move your pillows, blankets (whatever) to a chair. This will give you the opportunity to fluff them; 2. Your bed is now empty. Lift a corner and fluff the bedsheet a few times, introducing fresh air into it.

That\'s it. One corner instead of four. But it goes a long way to freshening up your bed each day. The other thing is to draw the curtains away to let in sunlight and fresh air (if possible). Seriously, a guy\'s room can stink up real fast.

TC Lai

Somebody call Aerobed. My first impression from the photo was that it was some kind of inflatable air mattress, thanks to the bulbous design and curved sides. I\'m sure Aerobed could make a version almost identical using one of their air mattresses. Not only wouldn\'t you have to make it, you could deflate it when you don\'t need it.


THIS is beyond STUPID!


Right, an aero bed, with air input/exhaust through the zippered coverings.


A zippable camping bed would be awesome. Much better than just a sleeping bag - you could zip it shut and make sure that no crawlies have got inside while you were out by the campfire!

Taryn East

@ Taryn. Is called a swag, its been here in Australia since people settled here. Homeless traveling people used to be called \'swaggies\'.

Scott Nicolson

Does anyone actually make their bed in the morning? Why bother?

Steve Bennett
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