Yikebike Fusion - a bit heavier, a lot cheaper


May 19, 2011

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The Yikebike is a sensational product - I called it the first "transportation appliance" when I rode the miniature electric penny farthing last year. Funnily enough, when I wrote about the ingenious range-extender earlier this year, I wrote that the Yikebike ticked all the boxes but one - its range. Now that the company is to offer a slightly heavier version at roughly half the price, you can probably bury the last objection that could be aimed at the Yikebike.

The Yikebike Fusion will ship four weeks from now.

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Good start. Lemme know when it stops ticking the \"silly looking\" box.

Chi Sup

It\'s not your little brother\'s Big Wheel?

Bryan Paschke

I think I\'ll just keep my SUV, thanks very much. It has a range af about 400 miles and doesn\'t get me beat up when I get where I\'m going.

Skeptical Jones


William Volk

I\'ve got a similarly two-wheeled device that has a range of at least 30km, is a lot cheaper, doesn\'t contain toxic materials such as those found in the YikeBike\'s batteries, improves my health and is fueled by food. And which will not be featured on GizMag.

The trouble with devices like this is that they don\'t solve an actual problem. I mean, I like toys as much as the next guy, and this looks fun, but honestly, if you\'re talking about a range like that, you\'re better off getting a decent bicycle for at most a fifth the cash, and cruising around on that. You\'ll get similar top speed, better theoretical range, easier maintenance and less environmental impact. And $2k is a lot of cash for a toy.

Frank van Schie

@Frank, I think you don\'t look enough at the section. At present, 50% of the latest ten articles are about commuter bicycles :)

But yeah, I agree - this is a toy, like the segway. Fun concept - but not really practical. Anybody that can\'t ride a bike is most likely going to use a car (or a motorbike). Still - perhaps it\'ll evolve into something that will be more useful someday - like electric cars have been slowly doing. They too had basically no useful range at first. For now, though, I\'m content to watch and wait...

Taryn East
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