April 13, 2008 People don’t drive cars – they wear them. In the vast majority of cases, the car you choose is a reflection of who you are. A recent U.K. survey showed three out of four (72 per cent) drivers recognise they use their car as a status symbol – wanting other drivers to view it as a reflection of the owner’s personality and success. Recognising this, Chevrolet has created a bespoke drive-in fitting room in South London, which allows motorists to check out what they look like in their car before they commit to purchase.

The curtained-off room allows buyers to “try on” the car by driving it onto a central revolve placed in front of three giant mirrors. A remote-control handset allows drivers to rotate the revolve to get a 360 degree view of what they actually look like in their motor. The unique fitting room is being trialled in a South London forecourt.