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The True Utility TripodLite – 30 hours on three AAA batteries


April 24, 2009

The True Utility TripodLite

The True Utility TripodLite

April 24, 2009 Now this will come in handy if you never use it. British True Utility has built an awesome reputation over the last decade for creating practical pocket minimalist pocket tools and one sure to be in demand when it goes on sale in June is the TripodLite – a powerful 21 LED pocket torch with flexible tripod. The TripodLite can stand alone or wrap around whatever is handy to give you a hands free light, that'll run all night! Running on just 3 AAA batteries, it will burn for over 30 hours on just one set of batteries. Camping just got a hell of a lot easier…

Product specifications

• High Quality Nylon Head with Flexible Steel Legs and Gripping Rubber Feet • Toughened Aircraft Grade Machined Aluminium Finished in Tough Black • Back End thumb Switch for Optimum Control; Click for Constant On/Off • LED Bulb Brightness - over 18000 mcd/5 lumens each (21 bulbs) • Output 0.22 Watt Each - Input 60 MA silicon-chip

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I like it, but how much?

8th July, 2012 @ 09:22 pm PDT

Um, guys? "I like it, but how much?


8th July, 2012 @ 09:22 pm PDT"

how about an answer? it has only been 15 months....I don't want to rush you...;)

21st October, 2013 @ 05:28 pm PDT
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