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The space-age Aerohotel concept


November 26, 2008

The soaring Aerohotel concept
 Images: asadov.ru

The soaring Aerohotel concept Images: asadov.ru

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November 26, 2008 We've seen some incredible examples of terraforming in recent years - most notably "The World" in Dubai - and if the fact that the government of the low-lying Maldives is looking to buy land elsewhere to escape global warming is any indication, the practice of resurrecting land from the waters may be about to become a whole lot more commonplace. But why shift all that dirt around if you can just use stilts? Alexander Asadov's futuristic Aerohotel concept is an alternative to man-made islands that would provide a 650 foot wide circular playground perched over 200 feet above the waterline using only three supports designed to cause minimum disturbance to the ocean floor.

The concept is applicable to freshwater or shoreline applications and consists of an outer ring membrane with an interlacing web of pedestrian roads connecting the hotel, cafes, a restaurant and garden areas. The Aerohotel would also include recreational activities on the water-line below and would be accessible via sea or built to accommodate airship docking.

By the looks of the space-age design, we suspect George Lucas would be one of the first in residence.

Via Inhabitat, A.Asadov.

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I am not saying it's dumb - but I have never been seriously injured in any building that has dirt, grass and trees for it's ground floor - and only floor.

Mr Stiffy
22nd September, 2009 @ 10:31 pm PDT
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