The Cloak Bag: camera camouflage means you won't miss the perfect shot


February 25, 2010

The Cloak Bag is a clever camera carrier that allows you to discreetly take photos without ever having to remove your camera from the bag

The Cloak Bag is a clever camera carrier that allows you to discreetly take photos without ever having to remove your camera from the bag

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There are plenty of great camera bags on the market, but you can often miss that perfect shot by wasting time getting out and setting up your camera. The Cloak Bag solves this by providing a discreet cover for your camera whilst allowing you to take photos - without having to remove your camera from the bag.

The clever design of the Cloak Bag ensures that you have access to your camera’s functions at all times and allows you to move freely about in crowded places without attracting unwanted attention to your shiny new DSLR.

The top flap can be opened to give you access to the camera’s various functions and a side zipper gives you access to the lens if you want to adjust it manually. The camera is held through side slits so you won’t waste time having to fumble around searching for the shutter button. When you spot a photo opportunity, you simply unzip the bottom of the bag, roll the sides up and start shooting.

To set up the Cloak Bag you replace your camera straps with the Cloak Bag straps. This ensures it sits properly within the bag. The camera is then slotted into the bag with its base on the screw track inside the bag. Once the camera straps are attached, you then attach the bag’s screw into the camera’s tripod mount. The bag’s length can be adjusted by folding the bag in on itself - it needs to be short enough to ensure your lens is not obstructed.

Looking more like a messenger bag than a camera bag, the Cloak Bag comes in gray and turquoise or coffee and green, and measures approximately 15cm (5.9”) wide (varies with camera height), approximately 12cm (4.7”) high (varies with camera width) and is 23.5cm (9.3”) long.

The Cloak Bag will fit the majority of DSLR and SLR cameras and is available from Cloak for US$49.

Via Craziest Gadgets.


I like the \'discrete\' photo being taken in the top picture. You\'d never notice. lol! \" I\'m just looking for my keys in the bottom of my bag\" When i saw the leader for the article, I was looking for a tiny hole somewhere on the bag. I own a Muvi video cam by Veho. Now that is discrete!


I beg to differ about your assessment of camera bags. This appears like a great product, but camera bags in general, are sorely lacking. You can carry one thing or another, but not everything. Where is the strap for the tripod? Or the coat? or water bottle? I have yet to see a bag that can accommodate all my needs.

Farokh Monajem

In today\'s paranoid society, taking a picture with this bag may just get you arrested for suspicious behavior befitting a terrorist.


I dislike reading comments that immediately, [and often wrongly and ungrammatically], \'knock\' new products, but I reckon that whilst unzipping this bag, and rolling up the sides to the correct level...not obscuring the lens may be able to open a camera case, and lift out the camera! It would keep be sheltered from the rain, of course, but for US$49!


If I were seeking \"discrete\" photos, I would make a bag with a one-way smoked glass (or similar fine mesh-look), a remote shutter button on the strap, with a \"spy\" video camera looking out linked to a pair of see-through camera monitor sunglasses to see what is available to the camera while I walked about. One hand on the strap adjusts the position and hits the shutter button when needed. Any fast fire-up camera would do the trick. A laptop battery could power everything to save the in-bag devices running down. Dearer, but much less obvious than this bag!

The Skud
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