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The Auto Card Manager wallet


July 25, 2007

The ACM 6-card wallet

The ACM 6-card wallet

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July 26, 2007 In the last few years we’ve seen a number of different products come out with the explicit goal of reincarnating the traditional men’s wallet. We’ve recently reviewed the Jimi Wallet, the Dosh Wallet and the ambitiously named and conceived Wallet 2.0 – all variations on a theme and interesting in their own right. The latest to follow this trend is the ACM, or Auto Card Manager, a sexy-looking but perhaps overly bulky steel device that safely stores 6 or 12 credit cards (or any card that’s roughly the same size) and neatly pops the appropriate one out at the touch of a button. While it might be overkill for day-to-day use, the ACM is certainly a nifty gadget, and a clever corporate gift.

The ACM Wallet is available in a 6-card version that comes in nine different color options, or a thicker 12-card version in the most popular four colors. You “load” your cards by simply sliding them into the appropriate slot in the ACM – its locking mechanism holds them in securely until you press the release slider for the card you need. The sliders are replaceable, with a variety of different pictures on them to help you organize your cards. A basic and removable currency clip on the back takes care of paper money.

The primary goal of the ACM Wallet is to store a number of cards in an organized, stylish fashion without allowing them to fall out, demagnetize or get scratched in the process.

Accessory-wise, ACM offers a “dock” stand for the most tragic of fashion victims who can’t abide seeing their nifty super-wallet lying horizontal on a table, as well as a leather case and pouch and replacement sliders.

The ACM would work exceptionally well as a branded corporate gift to clients – a nifty and fairly inexpensive giveaway gadget that would be constantly shown off and talked about. ACM will also engrave and emboss logos, text and graphic artwork into the brushed aluminum version of the wallet.

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