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Snowball Launcher prevents pitcher's elbow


December 22, 2008

The 50' Snowball Launcher

The 50' Snowball Launcher

December 23, 2008 The Snowball Launcher will outdo even the most accomplished snow tosser by making and blasting softball-sized snowballs up to 50 feet. Unless you live anywhere near a city, in which case it might blast softball-sized chunks of muddy slush mixed with cigarette butts and gravel. Still, it is sure to give you the edge in snow fights this winter.

The USD$29.95 Launcher sold by Hammacher Schlemmer can pack three snowballs in its chamber. Snowballs are fired by pulling back and releasing the slingshot mechanism. The Launcher is made of durable, cold-resistant plastic and includes targets for shooting practice.

Kyle Sherer

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