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The 2WD Track diesel motorcycle with CVT


December 29, 2008

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December 30, 2008 The Dutch E.V.A. company has been working on both a diesel motorcycle and a 2WD system for several years and the two have finally come together, with the release of the EUR 17,500 Track Diesel Motorcycle with adjustable front wheel hydraulic drive system as an optional extra. The 50 bhp in-line three cylinder diesel is both turbocharged and intercooled and offers a whopping 130Nm of torque from 1800 rpm upwards. The CVT (Constantly Variable Transmission) helps the motorcycle keep its revs low and it hence uses very little fuel – 2.1 l/100km at 90 kmh – and is to be marketed as a go-anywhere adventure machine with an appetite for almost any fuel available (it’ll run on PPO), a full aluminium luggage travel system, and a desert-sand lifting device for lone adventurers.

The bike doesn’t have a ballistic top speed, but at 175 kmh, it’s still getting 4.2 l/100km, and will give very little away in acceleration to sports bikes due to its muscular bottom end torque. Most importantly, it gets there very frugally, and is to be marketed as a go-anywhere adventure machine with low maintenance (shaft drive included), low seat height and the ability to run on almost any fuel from standard diesel through bio-diesel through to PPO (pure plant oil).

The optional extras include the adjustable front wheel hydraulic drive system, a full aluminium luggage travel system, and a desert-sand lifting device for lone adventurers. The first 250 units of the bike are in production now, and we just can’t help but see this as a perfect military motorcycle. The bike will be unveiled at the Utrecht Dutch motorcycle trade fair in February.

Many of the features incorporated in the bike just make so much sense – it’s a motorcycle that incorporates a crashbar, and the best of all, totally adjustable ergonomics including the ability to reposition the footrests, adjust the seat height and significantly vary the handlebar position. There’s also a progressive LED headlight and tail light/brake light and we’re currently clarifying the functionality of the set-up.

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this sounds a very good innovative product,,,,,,,,,,,I'm sure the military will be interested


Awesome but I want to see that motor in a super lightweight town car. I\'m talking 3 to 500 kg.

John Hogan
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