The 2000 bhp Dartz Prombron Nagel Armored Sportback built for pulling 15 metre yachts


July 27, 2011

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One-hundred and three year old Estonian company Dartz, which also encompasses the Prombron and Russo Baltique brands, has a past glorious enough to match almost any in automotive history.

Its champions included Lenin, Trotsky and Tsar Nikolay II, a trio banded together by one common trait - they were in constant danger of assassination.

Tzar Nikolay II owned several RussoBalt cars and was so impressed with their capabilities for surviving armed attacks that he organized the world's first Motorised Infantry platoon using the RussoBalt C-class car chassis and specially built armoured bodies in a variety of designs.

The PROMBRON uses a cocoon armoring system designed to keep Communist chiefs safe after the first such car was made for Stalin - as the single human responsible for most human death (any other contenders?), Stalin was possibly the most sought after target in history.

At its peak, the company's chief engineer was Igor Sikorski who led the company into aircraft design and manufacture. The company was a hotbed of innovation and its products were diverse and renowned for their robust nature. The company produced the world's first long range strategic bomber and could carry 800 kg of bombs in 1913.

RussoBalt was the first automotive manufacturer in the world to produce a 4WD vehicle in 1912, and in 2011, its bulletproof Kombat T98 and Prombron models are the world's two most expensive SUVs, with prices starting at US$1 million.

Now the company plans a production run of the Dartz Prombron Nagel, a 2000 bhp armored Sportback designed for pulling yachts.

The weight of the car means it will easily pull five ton yachts up to 15 meters in length, and with a top speed in the vicinity of 250 km/h.

Dartz is not a name with the same automotive gravitas as Bugatti, Ford, Peugeot, Renault or any of the other long established marques we are familiar with, but that's only because cultural and language barriers have prevented us from knowing the names that made history elsewhere.

Though it is a relatively small company, its history is remarkable - among those who have championed the company's cars are Lenin, Trozky, Kalinin and Voroshilov. Indeed,a 2012 Prombron model will bear the name of the founder of the Red Army.

The model will be very similar to the black and red vehicle below, although presumably without the whale penis leather. One wonders what the world's best known Marxist revolutionary might think of his name being used to

Recent projects of note for the company include a Bugatti Veyron redecorated with red chrome and snake skin, and the US$1.5 million Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition with its kevlar coating, diamond and ruby logos, limited edition Vertu phone with the interior tastefully lined with whale penis leather!

Very few details on the new Prombron Nagel are available just yet, though the company does make a 1000 bhp V8 and hence it's feasible that the Nagel will employ two motors.

The car is named after famous Russian motoring journalist Andrey Nagel, a larger than life character who rallied Government support for the fledgling Russian car industry in 1912, and also drove a Russo Baltique to prominence at the 1911 Monte Carlo Rally. That's him on the right.

Finally, Gizmag statistics show that our readers are smarter than we are. So do we have any educated guesses on the vexing question as to how many whales are required to produce the interior of the Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition?

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Really? What a load of garbage. Take a Bugatti, cover it in useless and heavy rare minerals, then wrap the interior with whale penis leather? Then we are supposed to take them seriously on an armored car.

Adding to that, the ones that are actually armored cars look like Hummers beaten with an ugly stick.


lol, i like that it has 2000 BHP

Waiel Jibrail

@VoiceofRason. Clearly you are unfamiliar with the number of billionaire Russians who have nothing better to do with their hard earned money

Rocky Stefano

@Rocky Stefano they\'re billionaires, not idiots


I wonder how the blonde model likes sitting on that whale penis?


2000 Bhp is quite a powerplant. The article failed to mention fuel capacity, specific fuel consumption or even range. Even billionaires need to know how far they can travel between fill ups. When posting articles, it may be a reasonable idea to post pertinent facts. Sensational headlines are fine, but without facts, you\'re just another tabloid.


You guys got HOSED - whale penis leather on these turd buckets was exploded a long time ago.

Skip Press

At least I wasn\'t the first one to mention penises this time! Yet another example of overblown testosterone run amok. This thing just screams neo-fascist machismo fashionable among the tasteless ultra-rich. It\'d be a hilarious as a super-villain ride if this kind of uber-masculinity wasn\'t so destructive.


if they havent released details then how is GIZMAG supposed to say them?

should they not tell us about a massively powerful car just because they don\'t know the fuel capacity?!

Jacob Shepley

Ha-ha, whale penis, . . . it\'s just a phallacy.

I think you are all a \'little\' envious !?!

I had to laugh when I read, \" . . . the interior \'tastefully\' lined with whale penis leather!\"

Gag me, Lady.


All a would be assassin has to do is wait for them to get out and fill the car up, they should have plenty of chances.

Michael Zarli

Armored cars are common wherever there is a high rate of violent crime but especially kidnapping. It is generally considered best to be inconspicuously armored so that the assassins don't bring RPGs.

I like the armored SUVs I'll take a four door pickup please.

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