Tesla Model S unveiled!


March 26, 2009

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

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March 26, 2009 Tesla has just pulled the wraps off its eagerly awaited EV sedan - the Model S - and on first impressions, it doesn't disappoint. Gizmag's Dave Weinstein has brought us these first pics from the coal-face.

With a list price of $57,400 (and with federal tax credits bringing it below the $50K mark), the Model S moves the fledgling EV company into a much broader marketplace compared with its first offering, the $109K Tesla Roadster, shifting the company away from its boutique status.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the new sedan will cover up to 160 miles on a single charge with the option of an upgraded battery pack bringing that figure to within the region of 300 miles.

The stylish Model S is expected to reach the market in 2011 - a year that's bound to be a busy one for EVs with big players like GM also striving to get their planned EVs on the road.

See the gallery for more of Dave's pics plus official photography.... and stay tuned for further updates and analysis.

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After watching the TV programme 'Who Killed The Electric Car', on More 4 [please repeat it].....showing how the oil companies, the state of California, GM, and the other big US manufacturers, for financial gain, killed the EV1 and the other electric cars, which were loved by the drivers, it's great to see Tesla going ahead and producing such a good looking and high performing car. Let's see it over here in England, though I can't imagine our faux Prime Minister giving a tax cutting incentive to purchase! If it's all they say it is, I'll buy one, given the chance.


The Model S lacks aerodynamic aids that would have provided more room, better acceleration, and a higher top speed. Embarrassingly, the car\'s wheels roll against far too much air resistance, which simple and cheap wheel well covers could have avoided. A belly pan and a boat tail are also obviously lacking. America cannot afford to continue letting \'artists\' to design our vehicles\' exteriors. We need aerodynamicists, people who have a clue. The average guy expectations of \'swoopiness\' should not tug automobile companies with wind resistance.


TogetherinParis: Aptera has done this and more (drag: .15). Weight: under 2K lbs. I plan to buy one as soon as they are out (spring?). Why the big boys are so slow to get the fundamentals correct is a mystery to me.

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