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Model 3 to join Tesla's all-electric stable in 2017


July 16, 2014

Tesla's new Model III will join the Model S (pictured) and Model X in Tesla's stable of all-electrics

Tesla's new Model III will join the Model S (pictured) and Model X in Tesla's stable of all-electrics

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Details have emerged of a new baby all-electric that Tesla plans to add to its stable. Although we have only been able to confirm a 2017 release date with Tesla, the company's CEO Elon Musk has been quoted as saying that the Tesla Model 3 will be based on a new platform and retail for around US$35,000.

Talking to the UK's Auto Express, Musk didn't reveal performance details, but expects the car to have a range of over 200 miles (320 km) with performance similar to the Model S.

The car will have its sights set on BMW’s 3 or 4 series, and given the success of the S, chances are the new addition will be more than capable at stealing market share from vehicles in the $30,000 - $50,000 range.

Although images are popping up around the internet, none are officially sanctioned by Tesla. So for the next year or so we’ll just have to use our imaginations to visualize what the Model III will actually look like.

According to Auto Express, rather than borrowing from the Model S and Model X, the Model 3 will be based on an entirely new platform, with Tesla’s British engineering chief Chris Porritt, who used to work with Aston Martin, heading the engineering effort.

Having driven Tesla's Model S last year, I for one look forward to experiencing what a smaller, hopefully lighter, quicker car will be like. If it's even 80 percent the car the Model S is, then we could be looking at a serious piece of disruptive technology.

First Canadian Supercharger station to open in BC

In related news, Tesla is set to open its first Canadian Supercharger station this week. The new quick charge station to be opened in Squamish, BC, will be located along the Sea-to-Sky Highway to support trips between Vancouver and the vacation destination of Whistler.

The station further increases the range of Tesla’s west coast charging network that now provides electric drivers the opportunity to run gas free all the way from San Diego to Whistler.

Sources: Tesla, Auto Express

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What a terrible dilemma: an extended range electric car with too much power! Whatever shall we do?

Neil Larkins

This is great news. I've been wanting to buy a Model S but it is just too much of a stretch for my liking (translation: I just don't make enough to justify the purchase).

I drove a Model S a few months ago and wanted one immediately.

Beware drivers, there is one problem that could bite you..

For what it's worth:

I was at a body shop who are authorized Tesla repairs and they had several Tesla's in various accident damage conditions. I asked him why so many and from talking to the owners the scenario starts with the driver pulling out into traffic and aggressively punching the accelerator pedal as with a gasoline powered vehicle.

This is perfectly normal because you want to get into the power curve where the torque band is a few thousands above idle. In the Tesla, you have all the torque, all the time so the Tesla drivers pulled out doing donuts ending up being slammed into by the surprised vehicles in the lane!

Time to learn how to drive an all electric car.

Bryan Haslett

Funny story Bryan Haslett.

I sorta wish Tesla Motors had developed a hybrid version of each of their models that could be converted/upgraded to the fully electric version when the owner could afford to do it. (Assuming of course that a hybrid version of each model they sell would be cheaper than the all electric ones.)

I love the price of this new model and can't wait for something the size and shape of a Ford Edge or a slightly smaller Ford Flex to come out of Tesla!

By the way ... If you're listening Ford, I'd like to see hybrid versions of the Ford Edge and a slightly smaller Ford Flex (I like the Flex's shape, retro and modern at the same time)


Elon, we need a light duty electric truck!

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