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Tesla hints at future models


June 22, 2010

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has hinted at the possibility of producing a number of models using a common platform (Image: Tesla Motors)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has hinted at the possibility of producing a number of models using a common platform (Image: Tesla Motors)

Tesla's Model S sedan is expected to hit the roads in 2012, expanding the company's target market beyond the boutique Roadster with a vehicle that offers practical space and a range in the vicinity of 300 miles. But what else is in the pipe? CEO Elon Musk has hinted at the possibility of producing a number of models using a common platform – these could include a crossover SUV, a van and a cabriolet.

The potential for new models is being raised by Musk as part of a roadshow presentation for the company's IPO in which it aims to sell 10 million shares at between $14 and $16.

There's very little detail on the possible additions to the Tesla line-up apart from the renderings above, but we'd love to see the cabriolet reach production - it looks stunning!

Via Wired.


The \"skateboard\" approach makes a lot of sense and should help bring the cost of production down quickly.

Lawrence Weisdorn


Harpal Sahota

Looks like a GM Skateboard clone to me. I just hope it doesn\'t stay a concept, to much money and resources are used for developing different drive-trains for vehicles, its about time someone started using complete interchangeable drive-trains across their range of bodies. I wonder if they will allow the consumer to change bodies at home or during the life of the vehicle....a coupe for dating, a van for after mating and a pickup for work so that you can pay for all the fun you had when you were young! ;)


I LOVE the look of the full range and in Europe especially the van could be a superb delivery vehicle for the town level service and a much cleaner option finally. I wish Elon Musk every fortune, as even though our corrupt govts never invest with the truly forward thinking inventors/businessmen like Nikola Tesla and the obvious fan of Nikola Elon Musk. IF Nikola Tesla had been allowed to bring his "FREE Energy" generation/collection device would have truly taken the human race into the age of advancement for all as Energy is our biggest cost and our biggest polluter, and they also hold so much control over the worlds govts.


Common platform and many different bodies of that car? Just like you can change clothes, you could change the car body to suit the occasion. So you could transform the looks of your vehicle by swapping the covers like on your smart phone. Cheaper too as you only need one platform for many models.

Henry Van Campa

@PaulYak you are right on the money! Nikola Tesla was not only a genius but a great philanthropist. He cared little about fame and fortune. He just wanted his products to improve life for humanity. Edison was the opposite. He was a money grubbing sort who made decisions based on the profit too him!

I am not knocking the idea of a profit but Edison gets much credit for being a genius when there were greater minds. Tesla worked for Edison at one time. When in his employ, Edison told Tesla that if he could work out a solution for an electric motor problem he had, that he (Edison) would pay him (Tesla) a $50,000 bonus. Working tirelessly after hours he came up with the solution which in turn earned Edison millions in revenues. When Tesla approached Edison about the bonus, Edison looked at him and said "Oh you have to learn when an American is joking!"

Tesla left his employ and never again worked for him! In the history books, people such as Edison eventually are painted with the correct brush. His once glossy image is now quite marred in my mind! Tesla was a true philanthropist and cared about how he could improve the human condition.

When working for Westinghouse, he had earned huge sums in royalties. When the company was struggling financially and Westinghouse was determining the best course of action, Tesla, upon realizing the greatest debt dragging down the firm were his royalties, ripped up the contracts and gave up the royalties. He could have been the richest man in the world off his inventions. Instead he has a legacy untainted which gets better with age, whereas Edison's legacy is not so shiny.

Elon Musk seems to be a visionary first and a businessman second. I hope he is more like Tesla than Edison.

Dr. Veritas
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