Genii Cast Hub shares livestreamed video content to anyone in the world

Media entertainment tends to be more fun when experienced with friends and family, but it's not always convenient if those people live far away. A new device by Genii is designed to diminish the limitations of distance by livestreaming games, movies, or shows to anyone in the world. The Cast Hub allows up to six mobile devices to watch the same content, offering users the ability to enjoy and interact with each other in real time, as if on a virtual couch.Read More

Wi-Fi Alliance announces 802.11ah HaLow technology for connected cars

The Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced a designation for the IEEE 802.11ah frequency called HaLow. HaLow operates in frequency bands below one gigahertz to offer longer range and lower power usage. This certification is meant for power-efficient use needs with longer-range capability such as smart home, digital healthcare, retail and connected car applications.Read More

Wi-FM uses local radio stations to improve Internet speeds

Wi-Fi connections are great when they work quickly and efficiently, but when they suddenly slow down inexplicably it can be very frustrating. Surprisingly, this isn't usually caused by a slow connection from your ISP, rather it occurs when two physically close Wi-Fi connections interfere with each other. Now researchers from the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University have come up with a simple way to prevent this – and improve Wi-Fi speeds – by using Frequency Modulation (FM) and a smart time-sharing system that maximizes data throughput. Read More

LA's street lights will soon be cell towers too

The street lighting in the US city of Los Angeles is about to get smarter. LA is to become the first city in the world to deploy Philips' SmartPole street lights, which are equipped with fully-integrated 4G LTE wireless telecommunications technology. A total of 100 SmartPoles will be rolled out.Read More

Google Fiber poised for move into Silicon Valley

The center of the online universe may finally get the Internet speeds you’d expect it to have. According to reports from the San Jose Mercury News, Google is seeking permission from San Jose officials to build two "fiber huts," the first major step in bringing its 1 gigabit-per-second Google Fiber to the city. It would be the largest city, and the first in California, to so far offer the lightning-fast fiber optic Internet service.Read More

Strone Roam relays calls via the Internet to avoid roaming charges while traveling

If not falling victim ourselves, we've all heard stories about somebody returning from an international trip to find some whopping global roaming charges waiting on the countertop. Melbourne-based startup Strone is looking to make homecomings less of a shock to the hip pocket nerve with a smart device that stays behind to forward all your voice calls and texts to your mobile phone through an app, cutting out those hefty surprise phone bills in the process.Read More


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