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First multilanguage payment terminal to support Chinese and English

March 15, 2006 When it comes to the most important languages in the world, Chinese and English make a good quinella. English is officially spoken in over 50 countries, the language of choice of business and with around 500 million speakers, is the most widely spoken language behind Chinese Mandarin (1.1 billion people). Which makes U.S. Bankcard Services new multilanguage card payment terminal a winning move – the terminal uses both Chinese and English graphics and text. The terminal is configured specifically to facilitate operations by merchants in either Chinese or English languages.  Read More

The Mental Typewriter

March 14, 2006 Scientists demonstrated a brain-computer interface that translates brain signals into computer control signals this week at CeBIT in Berlin. The initial project demonstrates how a paralysed patient could communicate by using a mental typewriter alone – without touching the keyboard. In the case of serious accident or illness, a patient’s limbs can be paralyzed, severely restricting communication with the outside world. The interface is already showing how it can help these patients to write texts and thus communicate with their environment. There’s also a PONG game (computer tennis) used to demonstrate how the interface can be used. Brain Pong involves two BBCI users playing a game of teletennis in which the “rackets” are controlled by imagining movements and predictably the general media has focussed the majority of its attention on computer gaming applications but BCCI could equally be used in safety technologies (e.g. in automobiles for monitoring cognitive driver stress), in controlling prostheses, wheelchairs, instruments and even machinery.  Read More

Samsung unveils the world's first 8GB hard disk embedded phone - the i310

March 7, 2006 Continuing to push the leading edge of mobile phone capability, Samsung will show an 8GB hard disk drive model dubbed the SGH-i310 at CeBIT later this week. Samsung is the first to adopt a hard disk drive into mobile phones and has launched three models equipped with a hard disk drive; the world's first 1.5GB HDD embedded phone (SPH-V5400), the world's first 3GB HDD embedded phone (SCH-V7900) and the world's first 3GB HDD Music smartphone (SGH-i300). The i310 which combines a phone, a digital camera and an MP3 player with its immense storage capacity will be introduced in the European market during the second half of this year and will catalyse change in the way people manage and use mobile phones.  Read More

USRobotics Skype-certified Speakerphone rolls into Europe

March 6, 2006 USRobotics’ Skype-certified USB US$50 Internet Speakerphone has been on the US market for just on a month, and hits Europe later this month, with sales reportedly going gangbusters as the world begins to realise that VOIP offers tangible savings and little downside. The Flying Saucer USR9610 USB Internet Speakerphone makes free Skype calls hands free. With powerful echo cancellation technology, convenient volume and mute buttons, and full-duplex operation, the USR9610 works just like a traditional speakerphone, only without the costs of a long distance call. The speakerphone is light, and easy to install and use with the free software available from Skype.  Read More

Nokia launches Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) Solution

February 14, 2006 Nokia launched its Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) network solution at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona yesterday, along with a variety of other solutions for operators and service providers to enhance network operation and enhance customer satisfaction. UMA technology enables the use of broadband and unlicensed access technologies, such as WLAN (WiFi) to offer and expand mobility to users of voice and data services. UMA can also be a useful approach to extending GSM indoor coverage. The Nokia offering combines network equipment and an UMA capable handset to create a complete end-to-end solution. Nokia also launched its newest UMA capable phone, the Nokia 6136, and gave a live demonstration of UMA calls. The Nokia UMA solution will be available in the second quarter of 2006.  Read More

Bluetooth VoIP Phone for Skype users

February 10, 2006 Here's a nice implementation of a good idea. TRENDnet yesterday announced the ClearSky VoIP Bluetooth Phone with Bluetooth Adapter (TVP-SP1BK) for Skype. The new handset kit allows Skype users to chat at home, in their office or on the road without having to stay in front of their computer. The kit includes a wireless handset and Bluetooth adapter to ensure compatibility and seamless voice clarity. The handset follows the traditional button behavior of a traditional handset, but also supports all of the popular Skype standard functions such as Contacts, Call List, SkypeOut, Conference Call, etc. Furthermore, the TVP-SP1BK comes with a long-life rechargeable Lithium-ion battery able to sustain up to 6 hours talk time and over 60 hours on standby.  Read More

The first seamless integration of VOIP and a mobile network

February 9, 2006 Spain’s largest mobile operator Telefonica Moviles Espana, and network specialist Outsmart Ltd, will demonstrate the first seamless integration of voice over IP communications through a PC and a mobile network next week at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona. The Fixed Mobile Convergence Solution, SmartFMC, will be available via the "Plug 'n Talk" service: a preloaded softphone on a USB memory stick. Attendees, will obtain a movistar number, preloaded with EUR15 prepaid credit, and will be able to make and receive calls though their PCs, using the Telefonica Moviles mobile network.  Read More

Boeing delivers first JTRS Cluster 1 Radios for Future Combat Systems Program

February 1, 2006 Boeing and teammates BAE Systems, Rockwell Collins and Northrop Grumman have delivered the first seven Joint Tactical Radio System Cluster 1 (JTRS C1) radios, as scheduled, to the U.S. Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS) program. Additional units will be delivered to the FCS program in increments, to bring the total number of radios to 50 by late (Northern Hemisphere) summer. The software-defined radios will now undergo integration by the FCS program at several sites across the country and ultimately bring Internet-like capabilities to the nation's warfighters while they're on the move. The Cluster 1 radios are designed to provide networking capabilities to the battlefield. They provide the warfighter with new, secure capabilities, which include the transmission/receipt of real-time information -- both voice and text, the ability to stream live video and audio, draw and share maps, conduct Net-Meetings and use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).  Read More

Samsung’s credit card phone – distilled technology

January 30, 2006 If you’re beginning to wonder just how far the technology miniaturisation trend will take us, the following will hopefully confirm that the form factor of the mobile phone still has a long way to go. Samsung will soon release a phone dubbed the SGH-P300 in Europe. With such clinical model designations, it's not suprising it has already attracted the nickname, “the card” because it’s very similar in size to a credit card, though in our opinion, it looks for all the world like a calculator. Within its dimensions of 87mm x 54mm x 8.9mm it accomodates all standard phone functionality, has a 262K-colour, 220 x176 pixel TFT display, 1.3 megapixel camera with flash and direct printing via PictBridge, 88 MB of internal memory, an MP3 player, speakerphone, Bluetooth wireless technology support and quite incredibly, an 800 mAh Li-Ion battery. Somehow, it still weighs in at just 65 grams and if we didn’t know better we’d suspect that Samsung has found a way of distilling technology. Two of the better European-based mobile phone resources on the web have already had their hands on the P300 and managed quite extensive reviews so follow the links for much more detail and extensive images.  Read More

World’s fastest broadband service at UKP15 a month

January 19, 2006 Be Un Limited ("Be") is the UK's first ISP to employ ADSL2+ technology to maximise the potential of an existing “copper” telephone line thanks to the Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) EU directive, which allows independent operators to lease incumbent's (British Telecom in the case of the UK market) last mile access infrastructure. 'Be lite' will give the UK broadband market a significant shot in the arm by offering up to 24 meg broadband for UKP14 per month while unlimited usage costs just UKP24 a month.  Read More

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