“Tornado emergency hotline. Please hold.” - ROSETTA emergency comm. kit puts order back in crisis

July 18, 2007 In this new age where communication, not ammunition, is the deciding factor in warfare. The ROSETTA-911, a rapid response communications system developed by Platforms Wireless International Corporation, has shown that not only is it effective in battles, but can also assist emergency workers in saving lives. The system enables disparate VHF, UHF, 800 MHz radios, cellular and land-line (secured) telephones, and Internet/VOIP to interconnect and communicate with each other, regardless of differences in equipment makes or brands, communications protocols, and/or communications backbone systems. After successfully demonstrating an earlier model to the US Department of Defense in 2006, PWIC has recently announced the readiness of its new and improved version.Read More

The other iPhone: Linksys' cordless landline with in-built Skype support

July 9, 2007 Linksys has stepped into the market with an iPhone of its own - it's nothing to do with Apple's hysterically successful new mobile unit though. The Linksys iPhone is a dual-mode telephone that can operate like a normal landline or hook up to your computer to make or receive peer-to-peer internet voice calls using a Skype client that's loaded directly into the handset. While the quality of Skype connections can range from crystal-clear to highly dodgy, the prices (free worldwide Skype-to-Skype and very cheap international/long distance calls) have made it an extremely popular way to stay in touch; many look upon Skype as the landline version 2.0. The no-frills Linksys iPhone lets you make and answer calls from the landline and Skype in one integrated unit. It looks to be a fantastic tool for heavy Skype users, and will no doubt encourage others to make the switch to internet telephony.Read More

The GlobeSurfer ICON – plug and play wireless broadband

June 26, 2007 Dutch wireless technology company Option N.V. has one of the simplest internet connectivity solutions on the planet, and one which has become the focal point of a new Scandinavian campaign by Telenor Norway. Weighing just 40 grams, the GlobeSurfer ICON is a self-contained wireless access device which attaches to and draws its power from a PC USB port and provides instant internet access at 3.6 Mbps download (upgradeable to 7.2 Mbps) using HSDPA, 364 kbps upload using UMTS and in areas beyond 3G, it enables reliable 247 kbps data connections over EDGE. Drivers are auto install, there’s a built-in control applet, and one-button connect which all contribute to extraordinary user-friendliness.Read More

GEANT2 helps drive high speed Supercomputer Projects

June 20, 2007 The speed of collaborative research using Europe’s network of supercomputers will be advanced by a major upgrade announced today. The Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications (DEISA), has increased connectivity speeds ten-fold to 10 Gbps, through dedicated links designed and deployed by the GEANT2 pan-European research and education network. Read More

Middle East becomes second-fastest growing mobile phone market

June 15, 2007 Mobile phone market penetration is an excellent measure of technology uptake in different regions around the world and according to new analysis from Wireless Intelligence the Middle East has surged to become the second-fastest growing mobile phone market in the world. With penetration set to cross the 50% mark, over 150 million handsets in circulation and a 30% growth rate in 2006, the Middle East is now only trailing Africa as the fastest-growing market.Read More

Radio-equipped Visa card lets you pay your cab fare with a wave

June 13, 2007 For all the convenience of not carrying cash around, credit cards can still be a fairly cumbersome way to pay, particularly for small purcahses. Visa's PayWave system cuts the signature out of the process for transactions under $25; you simply wave your card at a sensor, wait for the green light and go. The system already has about 31,000 implementations in the United States and is now rolling out into New York taxicabs, where it will speed up the payment process.Read More

Noise-cancelling hands-free office headset

May 4, 2007 Plantronics' latest wireless professional headset, the CS70N, incorporates noise-cancelling technology for clearer calls from up to 300 feet away from the receiver. Focusing on premium audio performance, style and comfort, the CS70N Wireless Headset System has been optimized for both traditional and IP telephony phones and provides office professionals with excellent hands-free mobility for increased accessibility and efficiency at work.Read More

Skype launches Skype Pro in Europe

February 22, 2007 VOIP is growing like topsy and the company that leads the charge, Skype, has now rolled out Skype Pro, a new Internet communications package offering zero cents per minute calls to domestic landlines along with a series of premium Skype features and discounts on Skype Certified hardware. Skype’s popular features such as video calls from one Skype user to another, sending instant messages, transferring files, conference calls for up to 10 participants or joining in Skypecasts (live moderated conversations with up to 100 people) remain free to all Skype users across the world. Skype now has over 171 million registered users, is available in 28 languages and generates revenue through its premium offerings such as making and receiving calls to and from landline and mobile phones, voicemail, call forwarding and personalization including ringtones and avatars. For a limited time only, you can purchase Skype Pro on a five month basis for EUR10 and receive EUR5 Skype credit free. After this introductory period, customers can continue with their subscriptions for just EUR2 a month.Read More

Wisair to demonstrate wireless USB camera phone at 3GSM

February 9, 2007 Ultra Wideband (UWB) and Wireless USB chipset solutions provider, Wisair, has announced it will be demonstrating the use of Wireless USB in camera phones at the 3GSM World Congress next week. The demo, based on Certified Wireless USB, will use the Wisair 542 chip embedded into a Nokia Nseries camera phone to wirelessly send images and video to a laptop computer. Read More

3jam Reply-All Text Messaging Service

January 30, 2007 With SMS messaging growing and going from strength to strength thanks to its efficiency, ease-of-use, reliability and asynchronous nature, a new reply-all text messaging service offering from 3jam could find a lot of business as people search for more efficient ways to keep people in touch with their friends. 3jam enables users to send a text message to any number of friends at once, have everyone know who got the message, and have the replies go to everyone.Read More


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