Middle East becomes second-fastest growing mobile phone market

June 15, 2007 Mobile phone market penetration is an excellent measure of technology uptake in different regions around the world and according to new analysis from Wireless Intelligence the Middle East has surged to become the second-fastest growing mobile phone market in the world. With penetration set to cross the 50% mark, over 150 million handsets in circulation and a 30% growth rate in 2006, the Middle East is now only trailing Africa as the fastest-growing market.Read More

Radio-equipped Visa card lets you pay your cab fare with a wave

June 13, 2007 For all the convenience of not carrying cash around, credit cards can still be a fairly cumbersome way to pay, particularly for small purcahses. Visa's PayWave system cuts the signature out of the process for transactions under $25; you simply wave your card at a sensor, wait for the green light and go. The system already has about 31,000 implementations in the United States and is now rolling out into New York taxicabs, where it will speed up the payment process.Read More

Noise-cancelling hands-free office headset

May 4, 2007 Plantronics' latest wireless professional headset, the CS70N, incorporates noise-cancelling technology for clearer calls from up to 300 feet away from the receiver. Focusing on premium audio performance, style and comfort, the CS70N Wireless Headset System has been optimized for both traditional and IP telephony phones and provides office professionals with excellent hands-free mobility for increased accessibility and efficiency at work.Read More

Skype launches Skype Pro in Europe

February 22, 2007 VOIP is growing like topsy and the company that leads the charge, Skype, has now rolled out Skype Pro, a new Internet communications package offering zero cents per minute calls to domestic landlines along with a series of premium Skype features and discounts on Skype Certified hardware. Skype’s popular features such as video calls from one Skype user to another, sending instant messages, transferring files, conference calls for up to 10 participants or joining in Skypecasts (live moderated conversations with up to 100 people) remain free to all Skype users across the world. Skype now has over 171 million registered users, is available in 28 languages and generates revenue through its premium offerings such as making and receiving calls to and from landline and mobile phones, voicemail, call forwarding and personalization including ringtones and avatars. For a limited time only, you can purchase Skype Pro on a five month basis for EUR10 and receive EUR5 Skype credit free. After this introductory period, customers can continue with their subscriptions for just EUR2 a month.Read More

Wisair to demonstrate wireless USB camera phone at 3GSM

February 9, 2007 Ultra Wideband (UWB) and Wireless USB chipset solutions provider, Wisair, has announced it will be demonstrating the use of Wireless USB in camera phones at the 3GSM World Congress next week. The demo, based on Certified Wireless USB, will use the Wisair 542 chip embedded into a Nokia Nseries camera phone to wirelessly send images and video to a laptop computer. Read More

3jam Reply-All Text Messaging Service

January 30, 2007 With SMS messaging growing and going from strength to strength thanks to its efficiency, ease-of-use, reliability and asynchronous nature, a new reply-all text messaging service offering from 3jam could find a lot of business as people search for more efficient ways to keep people in touch with their friends. 3jam enables users to send a text message to any number of friends at once, have everyone know who got the message, and have the replies go to everyone.Read More

The rise and rise of SMS

January 26, 2007 Mobile communications means many things to different people, though when the first commercial SMS message was sent on December 3, 1992, its future was not seen as significant in comparison to the potential for voice and multimedia communications – simple text messaging looked like a budget-priced stopgap until mobile bandwidth grew and dropped in price. How wrong we were ! In the late nineties, the technology achieved mainstream status among younger audiences as a medium for audience voting for that other modern day phenomenon, reality television, but its convenient asynchronous nature has seen its star continue to rise and it is now among the most widely used communication mediums of all. Since the turn of the century, text messaging has been experiencing phenomenal growth and figures released this week showing that the number of SMS sent globally for the traditional peak period of New Year increased to a remarkable 33 billion messages on New Year’s Day – that’s 30 percent up on last year. Read More

The Future - how wireless communications will evolve over the next 20 years

January 18, 2007 Predicting the future is an essential element of most businesses – without a view of what’s likely to happen it’s difficult to make intelligent investment decisions. In Wireless Communicatons: The Future, a personal prediction by William Webb of Ofcom, Webb helps us to envisage what the communications future holds for us. With a track record of successful predictions, Webb provides a solid, clear and well-argued basis on which to make the predictions of how the wireless industry will evolve. Supported by contributions from eminent wireless experts, he discusses how the next 20 years will see a very substantial, but steady change in the way we live. Read More

See’s Eye 2 Eye - an inexpensive Teleprompter plus an added level to webcam communications

January 18, 2007 Oregon-based Bodelin Technologies is best known for its ProScope HR handheld USB microscope and more recently, its ProPrompter teleprompters., but the company’s latest offering could see it become far more prominent in the future. Using its proprietary teleprompter knowledge and design experience, Bodelin has created a simple yet ingeniously designed product that is useful to any budding video podcaster and adds a new level to video chatting. The US$100 See Eye 2 Eye slides over any external webcam or built in laptop webcam and reflects the window of the person you are chatting with onto a two-way mirror (beam splitter) over your webcam. The result is that you look directly into the camera while looking at the person you are chatting with. Add a text document and your script is reflected in your See Eye 2 Eye and you have an inexpensive teleprompter. No software needed! As telecommunications of all flavours converge, it will become increasingly important to present a professional image via your computer presence - this is hence an important enabling tool for the coming era of ubiquitous telepresence.Read More

The very Qool skyQube VOIP Gateway

January 10, 2007 Now this is a VERY interesting product that frees up the limitations of Skype by allowing users to chat, sms and skype anytime and anywhere – the Qool skyQube is the world’s first all-in-one smart adapter for Skype, which will be of immense interest for frequent travellers . It acts as a gateway for users to call home at local call rates, allows users to select which skype mate calls are forwarded to their mobile or landlines, an additional callback function allows users to call anywhere using their home number even when they are overseas and a built-in speakerphone enables hands-free usage. The skyQube will come in two versions – one with a GSM module (skyQube 2) and one without (skyQube). The skyQube 2 module enables users to slip in their SIM card so all their received calls and SMSs will be forwarded to their phone in the destination country with Skypeout or to their laptop without phone charges (via Skype). Read More


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