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CTIA WIRELESS I.T. & Entertainment 2005

October 2, 2005 San Francisco Gizmag's Dave Weinstein visited the CTIA WIRELESS I.T. & Entertainment 2005 show in San Francisco this year to get a look at the new wireless devices that we'd be seeing in 2006. Overall, there were a few gadgets that we were really impressed by, but it wasn't the cornucopia of camera phones, super devices, and uber-gizmos that we'd hoped. Here's an overview of what Dave found.  Read More

VK2000 pushes the boundaries of mobile phone size

September 26, 2005 Thin and small is in, at least when it comes to mobile phones and the trend started by Motorola with the RAZR has gathered some serious momentum recently with the recent announcements from NEC, Samsung and now one of the lesser-knownKorean cell phone manufacturers, VK. In keeping with the Korean mindset of striving for demonstrable excellence in design, VK has unveiled what is arguably the slimmest and lightest handset on the market today - the 8.8-millimeter-thick VK2000 weighs only 48 grams. VK will release the VK2000 in China this week and in Korea in December. Surprisingly, the phone will not be a premium item, but will be priced at under US$100 for the budget conscious. That's the VK2000 pictured - roughly the size of a business card and the width of a cigarette.  Read More

Sonion Launches World's Smallest Microphone

September 26, 2005 NEW IMAGES Sonion this week launched the DigiSiMic microphone, the world's smallest digital, silicon microphone. With a footprint of only 2.6 x 1.6 mm squared the DigiSiMic is ideal for applications where minimum microphone size is key, such as very small mobile phones. As analogue electric condenser microphones (ECM) are the standard in today's mobile terminals with analogue silicon microphones emerging, the DigiSiMic represents a technological leap towards the fully digitalized mobile phone architectures of tomorrow.  Read More

World achieves two billion mobile phone connections

September 21, 2005 Society passed a significant milestone earlier this week when the total number of mobile phone connections worldwide passed the 2 billion mark according to Wireless Intelligence, a venture between the GSM Association and reseach company Ovum. The mobile phone entered society less than a quarter of a century ago – it took two decades to pass the one billion connections mark, and just over three years to make it to two billion. Given the world has approximately 6.42 billion people, the mobile phone has now reached approximately 30% penetration of the global population. With the mobile phone increasingly becoming the centre of convergence, it is interesting to note that the Internet is now approaching the one billion user mark, and although it is actually older than the mobile phone, it only began commercialisation just over a decade ago. Logically, as mobile handset functionality grows and includes internet connectivity, there will be a point in the next decade where internet connectivity will begin to catch mobile connections again, though at present the growth of mobile is outsripping all other mediums. Image courtesy of Wireless Intelligence  Read More

Super Twinsim Card gives your mobile phone two numbers

September 17, 2005 Chinese manufacturer Guangzhou Better International has come up with a nifty universal dualsim card which enables you to manage two GSM Sim cards in one mobile phone. With some countries having differing tariffs which makes it highly economical to have more than one sim card, and in situations where people have one cell phone for work and another for personal use, the TwinSim is certain to be a huge seller as it enables the user to switch between two sim cards (that is, different telephone numbers) without turning off their cell phone. It enables the switching of two numbers automatically or selecting manually to use just one number.  Read More

GLOBETrekker : Satellite System in a backpack

Norsat has released details of the GLOBETrekker, a revolutionary backpackable, broadband satellite system that offers a reliable broadband connection on short notice -- anywhere in the world -- even in harsh and hostile conditions. In the same way we have seen computers and cell phones reduced from suitcase to palmtop, the same miniaturisation process is being applied to broadband satellite communications, and Norsat’s GLOBETrekker is the current state-of-the-art. It is designed to be carried in a backpack, is airline checkable, fits in small vehicles and is parachute-friendly.  Read More

Gigaset SL75 WLAN: VOIP portable home telephone

September 7, 2005 The new Siemens Gigaset SL75 WLAN Voice-over-IP (VoIP) cordless telephone affords a new dimension in mobility that dispenses forever with the traditional concept of a “home phone.” Broadband users with WLAN routers will experience new ways to communicate via the Internet with the flexibility of a mobile phone. Using this exquisite design object, VoIP calls can be made not just at home, but also at access points open to the public anywhere – without having to log on to a computer. As well as an instant messaging service, the Gigaset SL75 WLAN handset has the facility to receive and send emails, complete with photo attachments, instead of only notifying of incoming emails, as before. To make every trend-setter’s joy complete, the integrated digital camera lets happy events be captured and sent instantaneously for family and friends to share.  Read More

Artificial Life announces First Massive Multi Player 3G Game

August 17, 2005 Hong Kong based Artificial Life, today announced the upcoming release of its first massive multi player 3G mobile game. The new game is based in its style and core functionality on the Company’s award winning v-girl and virtual boyfriend 3G game series. The game establishes a massive multi user mobile virtual community and is custom built for 3G phones, and can also be played on 2.5G and 2.75G/EDGE phones with slightly reduced functionality and speed. Players of the game can select a virtual persona for themselves and inhabit and live in a simulated virtual city. When navigating through the virtual city, users can contact and interact directly with other players in real time, have live real time chats with other human players or chatter bots, enter and explore virtual buildings, use interactive objects and co-operate with others to solve certain tasks or to avoid certain threats. The game is expected to become a widely popular new type of interactive mobile dating game.  Read More

U.S. Airlines slow to offer internet access

August 6, 2005 A recent survey of American domestic airline passengers found 97% carry at least one electronic device, while 65% of business travelers have their laptops on flights. So why are American domestic carriers so reluctant to offer internet access? Leading magazine Information Week has an interesting article on the problems associated with offering internet access and why American airlines are wireless laggards compared with their international counterparts.  Read More

Motorola’s Ruggedised Phone

August 5, 2005 We can’t believe the lack of fanfare for the Motorola i560. The i560 offers advanced Walkie-Talkie services, Java capability, an external display and MMS but the thing that makes it waaay special is that it is a mobile phone built to take serious punishment – not the sort dished out by your average klutz, but the sort of extreme treatment you can encounter from tradesmen, firemen, public safety workers or on a building site or even in a war zone. The Motorola i560 is actually certified to meet military standards for dust, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, low pressure and solar radiation. Its external display allows information such as incoming calls, time and date to be quickly viewed without the need to open the phone. Why has a phone of this ilk taken so long? We predict a best-seller!!!!  Read More

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