Samsung rolling out a dedicated Internet of Things network across South Korea

South Korea is already one of the most wired countries on Earth, and the latest effort by Samsung and SK Telecom won't do anything to hurt that fact. The two have paired up to roll out a commercial network dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) across the country. The wireless network will serve as infrastructure for various public services and businesses, allowing devices to gather, share and make use of data like weather and traffic conditions.Read More

Microsoft and Facebook to lay a huge subsea cable across the Atlantic

Microsoft and Facebook have announced plans to build "MAREA", a huge subsea cable connecting North America and Europe to improve the companies online services infrastructure. Utilizing eight fiber pairs, the cable's initial capacity is estimated to be 160 terabits per second, which will make it the highest capacity cable crossing the Atlantic.Read More

New record for wireless data transmission set at 6 Gbps

A project in Germany has set a new world record for wireless data transmission of 6 Gigabits per second, or the equivalent of the entire contents of a conventional DVD in under 10 seconds. Not only is that better than the current state of the art tech by a full order of magnitude, but it was also achieved over a distance of 37 kilometers.Read More

LandCruisers to become roving communications hotspots in the Australian Outback

Over five million square kilometers (1.9 million sq mi) of the Australian Outback has no mobile signal, but it does have more than a few Toyota LandCruisers. A plan has now been hatched to take advantage of this fact, which would see vehicles kitted out with Wi-Fi, UHF and other technologies to form a roving network for emergency communications.Read More

Wi-Fi that finds you

There's a lot of buzz around "smart home" products and the convenience of advanced automation and mobile connectivity. However, new research may soon be able to add extra emphasis on "smart" by enhancing wireless technology with greater awareness. A team at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has developed a system that enables a single wireless access point to accurately locate users down to a tenth of a meter, without any added sensors.
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World's smallest TV antenna gets the job done

Researchers have developed the world's smallest television antenna without having to compromise on reception or the conditions under which it can operate. The dual antenna created at the University of Morelos (UAEM) in Mexico receives analog TK and digital broadcast channels while measuring just 11 centimeters long, 6.5 cm wide, 6 mm thick and weighing only 12 grams (when coated, the weight reaches 80 grams).Read More

Shooting planes with lasers makes for better comms

Whether they're flying over battlefields, disaster sites or search-and-rescue operations, aircraft can prove to be a valuable "eye in the sky" for ground crews. Usually, data is transmitted from those planes using radio signals. Such signals can be jammed or intercepted, however, plus bandwidth limitations put a damper on just how much data can be sent. That's why scientists from the University of Oxford and Airbus Group Innovations are now using lasers instead.Read More


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