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TDK bluetooth speaker wirelessly charges your phone


September 6, 2012

TDK's Wireless Charging Speaker streams music and audio through Bluetooth, while powering any mobile device through an induction charge pad

TDK's Wireless Charging Speaker streams music and audio through Bluetooth, while powering any mobile device through an induction charge pad

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TDK showed off several wireless speakers at IFA 2012 last week, but it looks like the company wasn't done with new products in its "Life on Record" line just yet. The company recently unveiled a new Wireless Charging Speaker that could simplify the process of streaming audio through your phone. Aside from playing high quality sound through Bluetooth, the speaker can simultaneously charge any mobile device resting on top of it through an induction charge pad.

The speaker itself uses four full range speakers along with a ported subwoofer to provide crisp, omnidirectional audio, which can be adjusted with knobs for bass and treble. Sound can be piped in through either a 3.5mm stereo jack or via Bluetooth v2.1 with AAC, ensuring the connection remains constant.

It offers a couple of options for charging a mobile device: either connect that device through the speaker's USB port or set it on the much more convenient inductive charging pad built onto the top, which works with any Qi-compatible device. The Wireless Charging Speaker can even be taken on the go thanks to a compact, water-resistant design, and a rechargeable battery that provides up to six hours of playtime.

Considering the amount of juice it takes to stream music through a phone, TDK's speaker seems like a pretty clever alternative to plugging it in whenever you want to play some tunes. The suggested retail price of US$399.95 however might be a bit steep for the convenience, so hopefully we'll see that drop in the future.

The Life on Record Wireless Charging Speaker is currently listed on TDK's website, but the company has not revealed any retailers for it just yet.

Source: TDK

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got a phone, called the palm pre set it on the touchstone, golly it is charging! have a 10" tablet, set it on its touchstone, well Sheetbang! it is charging too, phone was free from my Son the 32GB tablet was two hundred coconuts, I love them both, almost as nice as his new Yapple (sp intended) stuff, sorry for the rant HP killed off an excellent product fortunately the open source apps just keep popping up

Bill Bennett

i expect you need a special case for the phone? and it needs to be sitting on the unit? this is superior to wires how?

Gabriel Oakes
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