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Tamago play furniture: 100% recyclable for 100% fun


June 16, 2009

Tamago play furniture

Tamago play furniture

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Latvian design group Merci Design has developed a line of children’s play furniture made from 100% recycled paper pulp, the same material used to produce egg cartons. Tamago, meaning ‘egg’ in Japanese, consists of seven different pieces, designed to be utilized by the child in whatever way they choose.

The Tamago pieces have soft edges, are lightweight (yes, they can be carried by a child) and have a nontoxic construction. They can be manipulated to make words or numbers or just moved around at whim. Reminiscent of a mini Stonehenge with their gravelly texture, the pieces encourage young artists to express their creativity with paints, crayons or pencils. Now that’s what you call ‘designer’ furniture.

The Merci Design studio aims to make products that are innovative, functional and reduce their impact on the environment. Tamago is still in the 'presentation' stage of production, but with more people turning to recyclable material to manufacture children's toys, like the Paperpod playhouse, we can expect to see more of these types of products.

Via DeZeen.

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