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These boots were made for flying: A chat with France's very own jet-powered fly boy, Franky Zapata

On the last day of April we joined Zapata Racing in the south of France to witness an attempt to remain aloft for more than 280 meters and snatch the "farthest flight by hoverboard" record from Alexandru Duru. That record was pulverized when the Flyboard Air covered over 2 km in around seven minutes. We managed to grab a few words with a jubilant but quite exhausted Franky Zapata after his record-breaking flight.Read More


Franky Zapata zooms past farthest hoverboard flight record

A couple of weeks go we revealed the Flyboard Air, jet-ski champion Frank Zapata's latest attempt to launch himself skyward. The Air ditches the jet ski, the hose and the tether of the original Flyboard in favor of a jet-powered board that's reportedly capable of a potential top ground speed of 150 km/h. And now it has carried Zapata into the record books for the farthest flight by hoverboard, knocking Alexandru Duru off his perch by some considerable margin.Read More


Hennessey Venom GT Spyder tears its way to world's fastest convertible title

The Hennessey Venom GT is due to be replaced by the Venom F5 anytime now, but Hennessey's original hyper-Lotus isn't retiring quietly. Even as a lame duck, the Venom GT remains one of the most electrifying cars in the world. Two years after Hennessey set an unofficial 270.49-mph (435.31-km/h) production car speed record in the coupe version, it's raised the bar for convertible supercars by over 11 mph. The Hennessey Venom GT Spyder is now the fastest convertible in the world.Read More


Nissan GT-R sets new world record for getting sideways

Not content with the Nürburgring records the GT-R already holds, Nissan has used a heavily modified version of the car affectionately known as Godzilla to break the record for the world's-fastest drift. Piloted by Japanese Drift Champion, Masato Kawabata, the 1,380-hp (1,029-kW) Nissan stole the record from Poland's Jakub Przygoński.Read More

Urban Transport

Souped-up mobility scooter rockets into the record books at 107 mph

Here's one for seniors living life in the fast lane. Through around six months of tinkering, a pair of English mechanics has turned a humble old mobility scooter into a high-octane, rubber-burning speed machine. The souped-up four-wheeler was put to the test at a racetrack in the Isle of Man and claimed the Guinness World Record for the fastest mobility scooter ever built with a speed of 107.6 mph (173.16 km/h).Read More


Standout science and technology in 2015

The blistering advance of technology we are experiencing in the 21st century is nothing short of mind-boggling, and the rate of change being exponential, 2015 was by definition the busiest year yet. So before the Gregorian calendar keels over into 2016, let's take a wander through some of the year's most significant, salutary and attention-grabbing examples of scientific achievement, technological innovation and human endeavor.
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Albeau sets new world windsurfing record at Luderitz Speed Challenge

In 2012, we watched the sailing speed record world shaken, with a raft of world records coming out of that year's Lüderitz Speed Challenge and surrounding Namibian waters. After starting off quietly on the world record front, this year's event saw one of those big 2012 records fall. French windsurfer Antoine Albeau beat his own mark to lift the 500-meter (1,640-ft) record up over 53 knots.
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Gary Rothwell nudges 210 mph to break world wheelie record

From the world's fastest jet-powered shopping trolley to the world's fastest motorized shed, records were falling left and right last weekend at the final Straightliners Top Speed event of the year in the UK. Britain's Gary Rothwell took the opportunity to have another stab at the high-speed wheelie category. Disappointed that he failed to break the world record last month, Rothwell piloted his 540-horsepower turbocharged Hayabusa to a ridiculous 209.822 mph on the back wheel for over one kilometer to smash the previous record and set a sky-high mark for next year's contenders.Read More


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