Teardrop trailer "wows" with red cedar looks

Woodwork has a way of taking a nice product and making it extraordinary. The teardrop trailer is already a beloved icon inspiring visions of exploration and adventure. Add a birch interior, as High Camp has done, or a wood body, as on the Hütte Hut, and you take the teardrop to a new level of magnificence. The Australian-designed Wood on Wheels (WOW) Cedar Teardrop Camper might just reach another level yet. Built of red cedar from the fenders to the roof, this trailer is a downright beautiful shelter equipped with modern camping amenities.
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Falling marbles make monstrous machine sing

Artist Martin Molin has spent the last 14 months designing and hand-building the Musical Marble Machine, a huge loom- or printing press-like contraption made from birch ply that makes use of 2,000 metal balls to play a tune. The musician-powered machine drops marbles onto the instrument surface, notes sound and the orbs are collected and re-used again. Read on to see this captivating machine in action.Read More


Hyperions "vertical village" slated for India

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut continues to refine his distinctive style of futuristic sustainable architecture with Hyperions. The cluster of connected timber towers – or "vertical village" – features more sustainable design than you can shake a stick at and, according to the architect, is due to be constructed by 2022 near New Delhi, India.Read More


Splinter sprouts high-performance wooden sports car

Wood was once a commonly used material in cars, but these days you're more likely to find a wood car in a toy box than a garage. Not so the "Splinter," a high-performance sports car that a team led by Joe Harmon has spent five years creating. The exotic machine is powered by a Chevrolet LS7 engine and other than that and the drive train, gauges, fasteners, tires and rims, the car is made almost entirely of wood composites.Read More


Wooden high-rise planned for Stockholm

Stockholm's Tham & Videgård Arkitekter has proposed four interconnected high-rise apartment blocks constructed from wood. Still in the planning stage at present, if the project goes ahead it will rise to a height of 20 stories and include 240 apartments that overlook the sea in Loudden, a former busy international harbor in Stockholm that's currently under redevelopment. Read More


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