Researchers shine a light through transparent wood

Wood already has plenty to offer conventional construction methods as an inexpensive and bountiful resource, but it may soon have a new trick up its sleeve. Scientists have come up with a way to turn a block of linden wood transparent, winding up with a material that could find use in everything from cars to advanced light-based electronics systems.Read More


Teardrop trailer "wows" with red cedar looks

Woodwork has a way of taking a nice product and making it extraordinary. The teardrop trailer is already a beloved icon inspiring visions of exploration and adventure. Add a birch interior, as High Camp has done, or a wood body, as on the Hütte Hut, and you take the teardrop to a new level of magnificence. The Australian-designed Wood on Wheels (WOW) Cedar Teardrop Camper might just reach another level yet. Built of red cedar from the fenders to the roof, this trailer is a downright beautiful shelter equipped with modern camping amenities.
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Good Thinking

Leveraxe turns against the grain

The axe is one of the oldest tools known to mankind, and its basic design typically changes very little. The Leveraxe, however, strays from that blueprint. As a result, it's said to be more effective than a traditional axe, require less power, be safer and not get stuck in the wood.Read More

3D Printing

3D-printed objects created entirely from wood cellulose

The 3D printing revolution brings with it a harmful side effect: the special inks that it uses are derived (for the most part) from environmentally-unfriendly processes involving fossil fuels and toxic byproducts. But now scientists at Chalmers University of Technology have succeeded in using cellulose – the most abundant organic compound on the planet – in a 3D printer. They were also able to create electrically-conductive materials by adding carbon nanotubes.Read More


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