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Matching Stylebook and Mobile Edge bag.

LAS VEGAS January 8, 2005 As computers become ubiquitous in society over the coming decade we will see many changes as new markets are addressed. The male-female digital divide has long since disappeared - two thirds of all home computer purchases in the United States are now made by women. The female market has different feature priorities when purchasing electronics, demanding aesthetics, durability and functionality and one of the most encouraging things we saw at CES was the product of a partnership between digital lifestyle product manufacturer X2, and mobile lifestyle carry case manufacturer Mobile Edge. The two have formed a strategic partnership to create an ensemble of computer electronics with coordinating, high-fashion carrying cases designed especially for women. The first products resulting from this collaboration will be a colour-coordinated pastel line of notebook PCs and digital devices with matching chic, tech-smart carrying cases.  Read More

Samsung collaborates with Vogue for designer technology

October 29, 2004 Vogue and Samsung have announced a long-term collaboration positioning technology as an essential component through which to create, define and express style. Leveraging each company's influence, core capabilities and marketing reach, Samsung and Vogue's multi-tiered agreement is yet another variation upon which future technology and design trends will be developed and marketed.  Read More

Boyfriend Arm Pillow a sales success

September 3, 2004 The Boyfriend Arm Pillow is a Japanese product aimed at Japanese who like sleeping with their head on their partner's chest but don't have a partner to do it with, or have given up on the standard model and are trying to reconstruct a better boyfriend. So far they've got the shape right and have it padded appropriately for comfort, they've eliminated all the sounds and smells of the standard boyfriend and have even added an alarm clock which gently shakes the arm when it's time to get up.  Read More

Groundbreaking Sexual Stimulation Technology

June 3, 2004 An American company has just released what is believed to be the first of its type - an electrical sexual stimulation device.Stimulation Systems is a Texas-based company specialising in 'electronic consumer products that bring pleasurable, life-enhancing solutions to the world.  Read More

Volvo Concept Car Designed by women for women

VVolvo's 'Your Concept Car' (YCC) is a concept vehicle designed by women for women. Conceived by Volvo in June 2002 with a view to targeting the most demanding premium customer, the independent professional woman, the YCC was presented at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show. The idea of an all-woman team making all the decisions in the development of a new concept car arose at Volvo Car in the autumn of 2001. Visiting Volvo at the time for a series of workshops was Marti Barletta, an American expert on female consumer patterns. She claimed: "If you meet the expectations of women, you exceed the expectations of men." "We're sure it's right," says Camilla Palmertz, one of the two project managers for the YCC. "That's why that thesis has been our guiding light in developing Your Concept Car."  Read More

The Chillow - a Non-Electric, Self-Cooling Cushion

The Chillow Comfort Device is a new non-electric, self-cooling cushion that's designed to provide any pillow with a perpetual "cool spot". In addition to being a sleeping aid, the Chillow is also claimed to offer a variety of health and comfort benefits.  Read More

Convertible High Heels

High heels are the only acceptable form of shoe for females on a formal occasion, and are almost mandatory in a business power dressing, yet they are very uncomfortable and casue long term health issues. How many times have you seen women walking to work in sensible shoees carrying high heels in their handbag? A new design for adjustable high heels could solve the problem. This shoe solution converts a high 7 cm heel to a low 3 cm heel with one simple twist on/off action.  Read More

New Survey Finds Moms Applying Business Techniques in the Home

The first-ever State of the Home survey from Whirlpool Home Appliances in America has found that American homes are beginning to be run like businesses and women are seeing themselves as 'Chief Home Officers.'  Read More

Protective clothing goes on the attack

In the past Gizmo has investigated clothes that monitor your health, give you a massage, repel insects and even provide the body with sustenance, but the No-Contact Jacket concept takes the role of "Smart Clothes" in an entirely new direction by delivering a defensive electric shock to anyone who comes into unauthorised contact with the wearer.The defensive jacket is designed to call attention to violence against women and provide an alternative means of defence against unwanted contact.  Read More

Environmentally Friendly Alternative for Feminine Hygiene

The mark of a good invention is that it delivers benefits to the broader community as well as a specific audience. 'The Keeper', a small, internally worn reusable menstrual cup does just that - providing women with a comfortable, inexpensive alternative to tampons...  Read More

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