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The Whiz - like the P-Mate, only reusable

September 22, 2005 We’ve written about the P-mate disposable device that enables women to urinate standing up several times and each time it has been deluged with traffic so this product, the Whiz, is likely to be be just as popular and interesting. It’s effectively the same thing as the P-mate except that instead of being a disposable paper-based device it’s reusable and made of an elastomer thermoplastic that is flexible and soft. This enables you to scrunch or roll it up to put it in a bag or purse, then it springs back to shape once you want to use it. The plastic used contains an anti-bacterial additive - similar to chopping boards - that means that it always stays clean and hygienic. This makes it great for women who travel, especially in the third world where squat toilets can be a problem and a pack of 6 disposable items doesn't last long. It's also great for women who love the outdoors and don't want to throw out a paper p-mate in the bush.  Read More

The P-Mate enables women to urinate upright

The P-Mate is disposable paper device which enables women to urinate easily while standing up. It is in common usage in Europe since launching four years ago and is marketed as a convenient, hygienic, portable, leak proof, discreet, no-brain solution to the bad sanitary and problematic circumstances which continually confront women, particularly at mass gatherings. The P-Mate has become an entrepreneurial success story in Holland where Moon Zijp conceived the P-Mate while traveling in Indonesia, designed it at the Academy of Arts in Amsterdam and commercialised it to national and global acclaim as a clever solution to the long queues and dirty toilet seats with which women are so often confronted with in daily life. That’s Moon demonstrating her invention on Dutch National television, one of many performances which caused a lot of gaiety and attention during the P-Mate’s launch period.  Read More

TAG Heuer’s “Diamond Fiction” watch bracelet

June 27, 2005 TAG Heuer’s latest creation, the Diamond Fiction watch bracelet was recently shown for the first time by the elite brand’s latest Ambassador, Hollywood star Uma Therman. With TAG Heuer’s 2005/2006 Year of Diamonds theme, a stunning ladies watches collection was shown but the Diamond Fiction stole the show. It looks like a bracelet of red satin positively dripping with Top Wesselton diamonds (879 to be exact) but when you press a button on the side, some of the diamonds change colour to red offering the time in a digital display. Only three single and exclusive timepieces will be created at the TAG Heuer workshop at the Chaux-de-Fonds with a value of EU100 000 euro each.  Read More

Mobile Phone Thigh Holster

UPDATED - NEW IMAGES & INFO - June 15, 2005 Now this is a clever idea. The Tsaya is a thigh cell phone holster for women but the really clever idea is the menage-a- trois viral-marketing scheme. Firstly, don’t get excited – the menage-a- trois is just a sexy name for tell-a-friend scheme where they get a US$10 discount, making the Tsaya US$69.99 and you get a US$10 referral fee. The sales pitch? It’s in “delectable black patent leather” so it will be “smooth against your clothes”, fits any mobile phone, has a separate pocket for your credit card and cash so you can travel sleek without a handbag, and you can wear it concealed or show it off with a short dress.  Read More

Baby Sling Affords Hands-Free Carrying for Baby

April 14, 2005 Fashion meets function for moms sporting the new Peanut Shell baby sling, a "back-to-nurture" product that carries baby in style while mom's hands remain free. The Peanut Shell is the first product from Goo-Ga, a Mountain View, California-based company founded by full-time mom Alicia Shaffer. The Peanut Shell sling is a pouch-style baby sling. It is designed to be worn over one shoulder with the opposite side resting on the hip. The Peanut Shell sling is also ideal for discreet nursing. Mrs. Shaffer's eight-month-old son provided the inspiration to form Goo- Ga. "My background is in medical sales where I was the top representative for the company. I loved my job but really wanted to be with my son full-time so I put my efforts into launching my own business," she stated.  Read More

Anna Sui Mobile by Samsung

February 23, 2005 When a leading designer, a mobile phone manufacturer and a fashion icon magazine get together to collaborate on the release of a mobile phone, it's worth taking notice - clearly the world of ubiquitous communications melding with fashin accessories is beginning to go mainstream. Such was the case yesterday when Samsung, cutting-edge designer Anna Sui and VOGUE magazine issued a joint announcement concerning a new upmarket mobile phone for women.  Read More

Matching Stylebook and Mobile Edge bag.

LAS VEGAS January 8, 2005 As computers become ubiquitous in society over the coming decade we will see many changes as new markets are addressed. The male-female digital divide has long since disappeared - two thirds of all home computer purchases in the United States are now made by women. The female market has different feature priorities when purchasing electronics, demanding aesthetics, durability and functionality and one of the most encouraging things we saw at CES was the product of a partnership between digital lifestyle product manufacturer X2, and mobile lifestyle carry case manufacturer Mobile Edge. The two have formed a strategic partnership to create an ensemble of computer electronics with coordinating, high-fashion carrying cases designed especially for women. The first products resulting from this collaboration will be a colour-coordinated pastel line of notebook PCs and digital devices with matching chic, tech-smart carrying cases.  Read More

Samsung collaborates with Vogue for designer technology

October 29, 2004 Vogue and Samsung have announced a long-term collaboration positioning technology as an essential component through which to create, define and express style. Leveraging each company's influence, core capabilities and marketing reach, Samsung and Vogue's multi-tiered agreement is yet another variation upon which future technology and design trends will be developed and marketed.  Read More

Boyfriend Arm Pillow a sales success

September 3, 2004 The Boyfriend Arm Pillow is a Japanese product aimed at Japanese who like sleeping with their head on their partner's chest but don't have a partner to do it with, or have given up on the standard model and are trying to reconstruct a better boyfriend. So far they've got the shape right and have it padded appropriately for comfort, they've eliminated all the sounds and smells of the standard boyfriend and have even added an alarm clock which gently shakes the arm when it's time to get up.  Read More

Groundbreaking Sexual Stimulation Technology

June 3, 2004 An American company has just released what is believed to be the first of its type - an electrical sexual stimulation device.Stimulation Systems is a Texas-based company specialising in 'electronic consumer products that bring pleasurable, life-enhancing solutions to the world.  Read More

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