WD Passport Wireless Pro goes faster for longer

For creative professionals working in the field, it can be difficult to maintain a neat workflow from camera to hard drive, not to mention all the other devices in between. WD's new My Passport Wireless Pro is designed to make it easier to back up and edit work when you're on the job, by wirelessly sharing images between Wi-Fi-compatible cameras, connected tablets and laptops, and the hard drive itself.Read More


Bose's latest headphones cut the cables along with background noise

In a continuously cacophonous world, there may be few pleasures greater than a personal bubble of comfortable silence to ease the mind. Bose, known for pioneering active noise cancelling (ANC) tech, has evolved a couple if its top models for a more convenient experience. Both the over-ear QuietComfort 35 and in-ear QuietControl 30 headphones add Bluetooth wireless to the company's leading ANC tech.Read More


"Total-encapsulation" headphones promise wireless audio and language translation

Some pretty imaginative personal audio gear is already riding in on the wave of improving wireless connectivity, but there's none more ambitious than the so-called Sound program from startup Human Inc. Its debut earphones may look like somebody spray-painted sea-shells and asked you to tune into the sounds of the ocean, but if they perform as planned they'll be useful not just for wireless listening, but as portable speakers and language translators, too.Read More


Transparent speaker leverages old-school technology for affordable Hi-Fi sound

Before smartphones – and even cellphones – took over as the modern means of voice communication, people relied on landline telephones. Cordless DECT phones are still commonly used these days, freely found within office buildings or the homes of beloved grandparents. Hong Kong-based startup ONEaudio has created a unique kind of speaker using this old technology. The ONEclassic DECT wireless speakers are designed to deliver lag-free, audiophile-grade sound at an affordable price.Read More

Music Review

Review: Super-small wireless earbuds pack in big sound and features

Between Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, Qi wireless charging and someday possibly Li-Fi, there may very well come a day when kids look back on the 2010's and say, "Can you believe they actually used to use wires?". Certainly one of the more fun aspects of the wireless revolution has been the increasing availability and quality of Bluetooth headphones. A new set of wireless earbuds with built-in microphones has just been released on Kickstarter that truly raise the bar in this arena. We tried them out.Read More

Music Review

Review: Wireless Trym floor stomp tweaking with an Aero controller

Back in 2014, Norway's Aalberg Audio hit Indiegogo with the Ekko and Aero, a digital delay stomp for guitar and the means to change its parameters without having to crouch down during a song and twist away at its control knobs. Though the crowdfunding effort proved unsuccessful, the company forged ahead with production anyway and released the novel double act last year. More effects pedals have since been added to the range, including the Trym tremolo unit that Gizmag has spent the last few weeks wirelessly tweaking on-the-fly with the Aero Bluetooth controller.Read More


DARPA's latest grand challenge takes on the radio spectrum

One of the most hotly contested bits of real estate today is one you can't see. As we move into an increasingly wireless-connected world, staking out a piece of the crowded electromagnetic spectrum becomes more important. DARPA is hoping to help solve this issue with its latest Grand Challenge, which calls for the use of machine-learning technologies to enable devices to share bandwidth.Read More


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