Wireless Charging


Mercedes flags 500 km EV platform, wireless charging and a hydrogen hybrid

As alternative powertrains move towards the mainstream, there is increasing pressure to create versatile platforms capable of handling a range of propulsion systems without huge development costs on each individual model. Volvo has SPA, Volkswagen has MQB and now Mercedes has used TecDay in Stuttgart to announce a dedicated platform for pure electric cars, alongside plans for wireless EV charging and a hydrogen plug-in hybrid SUV. Read More


Consumer-ready wireless charger for EVs inches closer

Tesla and Chevrolet might have committed to mass-producing electric cars, but that doesn't mean everyone is ready to plug a battery-powered car into their garage every night. Depending on who you ask, wireless charging might just be the solution. Even if we can't quite expect every manhole or green lane to extend our range just yet, a team at Oak Ridge Laboratories believes it has come close to creating a wireless car charging system efficient enough to broaden the appeal of electric vehicles. Read More

Around The Home

FurniQi furniture line seamlessly integrates Qi wireless charging tech

Having previously released the WoodPuck charger made of bamboo and a Qistone+ wireless power bank that looks like a zen stone, London-based Fonesalesman is following in Ikea's footsteps by integrating Qi wireless charging technology into its planned FurniQi furniture range. The company was at IFA with a prototype bamboo side table that is set to be the first FurniQi product.Read More


New wireless power tech can charge multiple devices in any orientation

Scientists at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have developed an omnidirectional wireless charging technology that can charge multiple devices at once, at a distance and, crucially, at peak efficiency regardless of which way the devices are facing. The technology, said to be safe for humans, is set to be trialled in cafes and offices and could allow for much more convenient charging of mobile devices.Read More

Home Entertainment

Mr. Everything wireless speaker can jump start a car

In a very crowded marketplace, what can a newcomer to the Bluetooth speaker arena do to stand out from the crowd? Well, in the case of Mr. Everything, it's pack as much functionality and usefulness into a portable audio throwing box as possible. The water-resistant speaker comes with integrated emergency lighting, a wireless charging pad and enough stored juice to charge up a MacBook's battery twice or, as mentioned above, jump start a car. It's even got built-in storage. Not the flash memory kind, but somewhere to stow away essentials like protein bars or first aid supplies.Read More


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