Panasonic upgrades its rugged Toughbook 19 Tablet PC

March 29, 2008 Panasonic has introduced upgrades to its Toughbook 19 rugged convertible tablet computer. The next generation Toughbook 19F convertible tablet PC joins Panasonic’s flagship Toughbook 30F clamshell notebook with its incorporation of the Core 2 Duo processor and expanded memory capabilities, (1GB SDRAM standard, upgradeable up to 4GB). The 5.1 lb Toughbook 19 also offers an optional integrated 2MP camera for use in inspection and incident documentation applications for which the convertible tablet has become widely deployed in military, government and commercial applications.Read More


Surf ninjas spotted invading arctic circle

February 27, 2008 Sorry, we couldn't resist that headline. Rip Curl has been testing its highly-anticipated H-Bomb heated wetsuit in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic, resulting in this incredible photograph. The Hawaii/So-Cal surf lifestyle is very attractive to folk all over the world - even those who live in far less temperate areas. And while a regular neoprene wetsuit can do an excellent job in cool water, there's still a point at which the temperature calls "time" - but when Rip Curl finally releases its heated H-Bomb wetsuit, it seems that die-hard surfers will be able to brave even a sub-zero arctic chill to chase the perfect set.Read More


Hand-held lightning detector and storm warning device

January 7, 2007 Looking more like a garage door remote control than any sort of scientific device, this lightning detector from SkyScan has the ability to detect the characteristic electromagnetic emissions from individual lightning strikes actual and determine how far away it is and whether it is moving towards you or away from you. With a 40 mile range of detection, the device gives the user ample time to seek shelter in the event of a lightning storm.Read More

Good Thinking

Micro-adjustable Branie sports belt

October 5, 2007 Designed for outdoor sports and sailing, the Branie belt features a ratcheted closure system similar to that used on ski boots which allows adjustments in micro increments of 2 millimeters. The durable belt is also 100% waterproof and recyclable, making it a practical and eco-friendly option.Read More

Around The Home

US $1000 12-Foot Inflatable Home Theater

June 7, 2007 Getting a group of people together is about as much fun as you can have, and all too frequently, the excuse for such a get together is to watch an event on the big screen. Now there’s a way of ruggedising the big screen experience so you can take it outdoors In terms of bang-per-buck, the Sima 12-Foot Inflatable Home Theater is a ripper because for US$1000 you get to protect your monstrous pride-and-joy and make it much more versatile at the same time. For those among us who just have to spend a lot of money to get into the experience, there are lots of outdoor speakers designed to look like rocks, wireless, in-ground speakers and ... and we think it’s a great idea that might yet spawn an entire outdoor home entertainment industry. Read More

Digital Cameras

The SANYO VPC-CA6 weatherproof digital movie camera

December 14, 2006 We’ve always thought it was kinda dumb that cameras should be so averse to water – they are, after all, there to capture special moments and some of those moments occur while it’s raining. So it’s partly with disbelief that we are writing up a digital movie camera with weatherproof functionality as being all that special, though a lack of such functionality elsewhere does make this camera special. Shouldn’t they all be weatherproof? Shouldn’t all cameras be portable and durable? If you think this should be standard fare, as we do, then Sanyo’s newly launched VPC-CA6 weatherproof digital movie camera is designed for you – presumably a user with an active lifestyle that involves water recreational activities. The hardwearing splash-proof VPC-CA6 body offers carefree video recording by the pool, camping, at the beach or on the water, allowing users to capture their treasured moments with wet hands. The camera’s compact ergonomic design enables one handed usage, which can prove useful. Read More

Home Entertainment

Sanyo’s 42 inch Weatherproof LCD Monitor

November 5, 2006 It costs more than three times its non-weatherproof 42 inch equivalent in the Sanyo range, but the CE42LM4WPR flat panel 42 inch LCD Monitor has truly unique qualities which have the potential to open up the outdoor display and advertising market. Suddenly advertising, information services, and promotional activities can be empowered by the use of a 42 inch display at open-air events in all weather and in harsh environments, such as dusty or humid conditions. The ruggedised (our words not theirs, so don’t go dropkicking it around the place) screen now has IP56 weather-resistant accreditation making it viable for a range of industrial and architectural applications including in-factory information services, outdoor home usage in courtyards and pools areas as well as, commercial applications such as clubs and digital signage.Read More

Home Entertainment

32-Inch HD-Ready All-Weather Outdoor LCD TV

June 13, 2006 We understand ruggedised laptops, mobile phones and digital cameras, but didn’t realise the trend had taken hold to this extent … the ruggedised teev! Homeowners can now enjoy their favorite TV show or DVD in the comfort of their own backyard, with the new SunBriteTV 32-inch HD-ready all-weather LCD television that is designed for outdoor installation.Read More


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