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The Apple Watch was the most popular smartwatch in the world from the moment it was announced, and we'd imagine the Moto 360 is the most popular Android Wear watch. We have both in-house, so why not take a quick look at two very different approaches to the smartwatch.

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Wearable technology uptake may still be in its early stages, but car manufacturers are already leveraging the technology in an effort to improve the ownership experience for car buyers. Following the Google Glass app from Tesla and hot on the heels of BMW, Volkswagen is offering an Apple Watch app that allows owners to control a raft of car functions, all without ever having to take their phone from their pockets.

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Oculus VR just pulled back the curtain for a peek at the long anticipated consumer version of its Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The updated hardware will be available to consumers in Q1 of 2016, with pre-orders starting before the end of the year.

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LG's first Android Wear watch was pretty uneventful, but the company took a big leap forward with its fast follow-up, the G Watch R. Now LG's third Wear smartwatch, which is almost identical to that second one, is also available. Read on, for Gizmag's LG Watch Urbane review.

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A team of enterprising engineers have begun work on a Reserve Strap accessory for the Apple Watch, which they say can boost the wearable's battery life by 125 percent. Apple has also released official guidelines for third-party straps, opening the doors to companies who want to develop new looks and functionality for the timepiece.

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Either people are getting a lot more serious about sledding, or there are a number of companies that are going to be out some money. Over the past few years, we've seen a growing number of sleds that approach, even exceed, skiing and snowboarding gear in terms of technology and price. The latest to come to our attention, the SnoSoot, offers a unique twist. It's a wearable that transforms you into a human snow-surfing machine. Read More
How will the arrival of the Apple Watch affect Google's Android Wear? Well, we probably won't see evidence of that until later this year, but we do now at least have our hands on the first Wear watch to go on sale after the Apple Watch. Read on for our first impressions of the LG Watch Urbane (and the new version of Android Wear that it's running). Read More

Healthy eating might have brought you a happier, more energetic lifestyle, but have you stopped to think what effect your five daily servings of fruit and veggies are having on everyone around you? Move over, calorie counting. The Kickstarted "CH4" is a portable device designed to keep track of your personal exhaust fumes with the sole goal of helping you find the meals that make you toot the least, for the sake of everyone who spends long stretches of time with you in cramped or poorly ventilated spaces. Read More

After more than two years' worth of rumors, the Apple Watch is finally here. As the company's most closely-watched launch in five years, can it follow the Sasquatch-sized footprints of the iPod, iPhone and iPad? Join Gizmag, as we review the Apple Watch. Read More
Goggle Pal marries wearable technology with the smooth exhilarating feeling of flying down a snow-covered mountain on a board or skis by placing a unobtrusive augmented reality HUD on any pair of goggles. Three levels of models add fitness and ride data, AR games, and social communication and tracking to an otherwise normal run. You can now pledge for the model of your choice on Kickstarter, where GogglePal is seeking funding. Read More