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ADAMAAS smart glasses to assist elderly and disabled in everyday tasks

By - July 5, 2015 2 Pictures

We've seen various head-mounted wearables, such as the Motorola HC1, Golden-i and the AITT system, which are designed to give industrial workers or military personnel a helping hand in carrying out highly specialized tasks. But what about the elderly or disabled that struggle with everyday tasks? That's the niche a pair of smart glasses developed through the "Adaptive and Mobile Action Assistance in Daily Living Activities" (ADAMAAS) project are intended to fill.

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Review: Pebble Time smartwatch (Kickstarter version)

By - June 24, 2015 11 Pictures

Pebble has been something of a pioneer in the smartwatch space, becoming a Kickstarter darling in 2012 and following through with what was arguably the first successful wearable. But with heavy hitters Apple, Google and Samsung now leading in the space, is there still room for the crowdfunded underdog? Let's take a look, as Gizmag reviews the new Pebble Time.

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