The first augmented reality earbuds get smarter this November

Earlier this year we reviewed a pair of smart earbuds that give you control over your ears' experience of the world, letting you do things like cancel out an airplane engine or make your boring trip to the store sound like an acid-laced interlude from The Dark Side of the Moon. Neat technology and wacky novelties aside, though, one thing Here Active Listening earbuds lacked was an obvious and immediate purpose for people who aren't regular concert-goers or hardcore techies. Doppler Labs is hoping to change that with its more consumer-friendly Here One.Read More

Fallout Pip-Boy smartwatch looks charmingly impractical

The Pip-Boy wrist-mounted personal computer device exemplifies the Fallout franchise's retro-futuristic charm. At E3 last year, the centerpiece of the preorder bonuses for Fallout 4 was a replica Pip-Boy, which could hold iOS and Android smartphones and be used to interface with the game. Now, Bethesda is one-upping itself with a functional Pip-Boy smartwatch.Read More


Wearables made to warn of asthma attacks

People with serious asthma already know to avoid certain activities or situations, but even then, attacks can still occur. That's why scientists at North Carolina State University are developing a wearable early warning system known as the Health and Environmental Tracker (HET). Consisting mainly of a wristband and chest patch, the technology monitors patients' bodies and their environment, sending an alert when an attack may be imminent.Read More

Qualcomm tightens focus with new SnapDragon Wear 1100 processor

In February, Qualcomm ushered in its SnapDragon Wear line with the 2100 system-on-chip (SoC) designed as the brain for multi-purpose wearable devices such as smartwatches. At Computex 2016 the company has extended the line with the SnapDragon Wear 1100 intended for smaller, targeted-purpose wearables.Read More


US Army and Marine Corps PowerWalk into wearable battery trials

Development of piezoelectric and triboelectric generators that harvest the kinetic energy generated by movement has been gaining momentum over the past few years, and now the US Army and Marine Corps are taking the technology into the field. Vancouver-based Bionic Power will soon supply troops with its PowerWalk Kinetic Energy Harvester, a lightweight device worn around the knee that recharges batteries while soldiers walk.
Read More


Wearable clips onto your steering wheel for eyes-free smartphone control

We all know that smartphones can be an addicting distraction, oftentimes drawing our attention away longer than may be considered safe. Team O6 by Fingertips Lab has created a wearable gizmo that offers a way to operate your phone without the need to look at or reach for the screen. The O6 controller is designed to use touch, voice, and gesture input to control apps and listen/respond to messages completely eyes-free.Read More


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