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SteriPen's UVR tech amplifies UV rays to speed up water purification

There are many ways to filter and purify water out in the wild, the MSR Guardian and Oasis being a couple of the most recent we've looked at. Since 1999, Hydro-Photon has gone with ultraviolet light, offering lightweight, compact SteriPen purifiers that quickly zap away microorganisms. With its new Ultraviolet Reflection (UVR) technology, it makes the UV purification process even faster, so outdoor enthusiasts can get clean water more efficiently than ever. Read More

Clipon Bottle breaks out of the cage

Perhaps you don't like having a water bottle cage cluttering up your bike, or you have multiple bikes and you don't want to buy separate cages for each one. If so, then you're the target market for the Clipon Bottle. As its name implies, it simply clips onto your bike's frame as needed.Read More


Infuze boosts hydration-pack water, after it leaves the pack

For many people who perform high-output outdoor activities, straight-up water in their hydration pack just isn't enough – they want water with an added energy supplement. The problem is, the pack's bladder can retain the color and taste of such concoctions. That's the reason Infuze was created. It adds a supplement to hydration-pack water, downstream from the bladder.Read More

SnapFlask makes any bike bottle magnetic

We've already seen magnets and clips used in products that allow cyclists to do away with their frame-mounted water bottle cage. The problem with both systems is that they require users to stick with a brand-specific bottle. With Torq Athletic Gear's new SnapFlask, however, riders can use any bottle they want.Read More


MSR Guardian Water Purifier promises fast, safe drinking water from almost any source

Portable water filtration systems have generally been constrained by their ability to eliminate only bacteria and Cryptosporidium (a microscopic, diarrhea-causing parasite), but not viruses. Purification systems get rid of viruses, but take longer to do so. The MSR Guardian is different – it acts as both filter and purifier and is claimed to eliminate all biological threats you might find in even the dirtiest of water.Read More

Candea water bottle doubles as a bike light

There's a trick campers use, where they shine a flashlight down into a water bottle to create a lantern. Well, Italian cycling goods manufacturer Elite uses that same principle in its new Candea bottle – LEDs in the bottom illuminate the bottle above, making night-time cyclists a bit more visible.Read More


Thermos gets into the connected hydration game with Smart Lid

Everyday things continue to get smarter and smarter. One of those things is the water bottle. We've seen several different hydration-tracking bottles from startups like HidrateMe and OleoApps Inc (BluFit Bottle). A much more established player is also putting some skin in the game. Thermos is set to launch the Smart Lid Hydration Bottle, which connects with the user's smartphone to keep tabs on his or her daily hydration.Read More


RoguePak replaces the hydration bladder with disposable hydration "cartridge"

The hydration pack has been a great boon to all types of sports enthusiasts, providing an easy way of carrying enough water for long adventures in dry, hot weather. If there's one knock on such packs, it's that the hydration reservoirs inside can be difficult to clean. It's a problem that the industry has been continuously addressing with new reservoir designs and alternatives like the JetFlow. Texas company AquaStorage has its own solution: disposable, self-sealing bladders that you never have to clean.Read More

New cycling water bottle does away with the cage

Although most cyclists probably don't give much thought to their water bottle or bottle cage, the fact is that like just about anything else, those components can be lightened and simplified. That's just what British cycling design company Fabric has done, with its new Cageless water bottle.Read More


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