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LG 3G Touch wristwatch video phone on sale this year

By - January 8, 2009 3 Pictures
January 8, 2009 The wristwatch video phone we’ve been waiting for nearly half a century thanks to the broadly syndicated Dick Tracy cartoon strips, is finally about to arrive. LG Electronicshas unveiled the world’s first Touch Watch Phone and it appears to be the hamburger with the lot – camera, Flash Interface, MP3 player, Voice Calling, Text messaging, 3.63cm (1.43-inch) touchscreen, voice recognition, text-to-speech, a 3G Video Telephony (VT) service and GSM Quadband Network capabilities. Shown in prototype form at last year’s CES, the phone (designated LG-GD910) will be available in Europe this year. Read More
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Cellwatch M500 wrist-watch phone

By - January 31, 2008 10 Pictures
February 1, 2008 The wrist watch phone is one of those inventions we thought we would all be wearing by now, but despite the appearance of numerous designs in recent years seeking to make the Dick Tracey style communications device a commercial reality, the idea is still a long way from reaching its potential. The latest example to cross the Gizmag desk, and one of the most impressively designed and specced units we've seen to date is the Cellwatch M500. Billed as the world's smallest mobile watch, the M500 incorporates a 1.5-inch (128x160) color OLED touchscreen, 128 MB Memory, 80 hours standby time, plus web-browsing, Bluetooth, MP3 and video playback capabilities. Read More
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W100 wrist-watch mobile phone

By - August 15, 2007 1 Picture
August 15, 2007 Not unlike the personal jet-pack, the wrist-watch phone is one of those inspired ideas that captured the public imagination long before it had a chance to become a technological or commercial reality. Now China's Qiao Xing Mobile has announced the launch of its wrist-watch mobile phone, the W100, which features a 65k TFT-LCD touch screen, 1GB built-in memory and a 1.3 megapixel camera. Read More
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US$500 wrist watch telephone and MP3/MP4 player

By - December 4, 2006 14 Pictures
December 5, 2006 The wrist watch telephone has been one of the most anticipated gadgets in history, having been introduced to the public psyche by Chester Gould’s globally-syndicated newspaper comic strips featuring Detective Dick Tracy who began using a wristwatch phone in 1946 (supersleuth Tracy was quite the technophile, with his wrist phone becoming a two-way video watch in 1964, and a wireless wrist-worn computer in 1987). Now the dreams of a billion people are about to be answered with the coming launch of a miniscule (43 x 56 x 16.8 mm) US$500 wristwatch weighing just 45 grams (1.6 ounces) with a 96 x 74 Pixel touch screen and as well as making and receiving phone calls (GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 MHz Tri mode (HW and SW) it’ll play MP3s and MP4 videos. Initially expected to be available in mid-2007 in Pastel Blue & Pink, Baby Blue & Pink, Navy Blue, Electric Blue, Red, Yellow, Black and Grey, there’s also a range of upmarket versions in the design phase (see design sketches in the image gallery) made in 18 carat gold, black titanium and other exotic substances. Read More
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Triple Watch Cell Phone design

By - April 13, 2006 4 Pictures
April 14, 2006 The Triple Watch Cell Phone is a wrist watch that can be transformed into a cell phone. You can slide the unit out of the wristwatch band, and extend it to use it as a normal cell phone. As a wrist watch, it would have a speakerphone button that allows the user to answer the phone and hang up while driving or the user can combine the Triple Watch with a Bluetooth headset. The Triple Watch Cell Phone was conceived by University of Bridgeport student Manon Maneenawa and won the US$10,000 Fashion in Motion Scholarship at CTIA WIRELESS 2006 last week in Las Vegas. Read More
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Wristwatch CDMA telephone weighs 98 grams

By - June 4, 2004 2 Pictures
Korean electronics manufacturer Telson will release its new TWC 1150 wrist-wearable mobile phone into the Indian, Korean and US markets this month. The wristwatch phone is the world's lightest CDMA phone, and comes with a full range of features including a detachable camera, voice and call recording, answering machine, voice recognition, voice dial, a hands-free (loudspeaker) facility and predictive text input available for SMS. It was conceived and is being marketed as an exclusive, high-priced item and it certainly looks VERY space age!!! Read More

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